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    Default Christmas gifts? (early I know!)

    We are coming back "home" early December and was hoping for ideas to bring for gifts for staff members. We have in the past given Bath and Body works gifts for housekeeping. We would love ideas for male staffers. Maybe something they can't easily get in Jamaica? We go to the Dollar Store for crayons, books for kids but have several special male workers who make every trip special. Ideas?

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    Hi Kaityogill, We are also returning home to CSA this December and can't wait. Last visit, I brought along a bag of Hershey's kisses and would leave a few on the bed at night before the girls turned down the sheets. We also took T-shirts and FSU baseball caps for the guys.. they loved them!! This year, I am planning to bring some shaving cream, cologne, mens bodywash. Hope this helps!

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    We take 10 bags of mini Snickers bars and pass them out to housekeeping, bartenders, wait staff, cooks, etc....each day after lunch. Everyone knows me as the "Candyman".

    Years ago we brought Paydays, Skittles and Milky Ways, no body really liked them. Snickers are their favorite.

    If I was going to be there over Christmas I would bring full sized Snickers bars and pass them out to everyone.

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    What a great idea! Don't want to get anyone is trouble but want everyone to know how special they are to us and how much the staff means in our decision to return!

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    I love the idea about taking Snickers; however, I am a bit worried that they will melt in transit. Is this not the case? Do you put them in your checked luggage or do you carry them with you? Thanks for your help.


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    We always take M&M's. They seem to like them as well. Never had anyone refuse them anyway. If it is chocolate & nuts take the Peanut M&M's. I have been told that chocolate of any kind is expensive for them, so it is a much appreciated treat

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    We freeze the Snickers ahead of time and then we put them in a checked bag. They take up 1/2 of a suit case. We find that it's a simple way to say thank you to a lot of people.

    Once you get to the resort they will get a little soft. We throw two bags a day into our mini fridge and that keeps them solid.

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    That is what I was hoping for. Something they can't get easily there. I think I'll take some red and green curling ribbon and dress the snickers up and give them out the last day. We just love everyone there and want them to know it!!!

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    We sent a care package to a very dear friend of ours that works at the resort in June it took about 3 weeks to get to jamaica and the snickers were in perfect shape and were appreciated!

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    NDakota, what else did you put in the care package, may I ask? Looking for small packable items that would show appreciation.

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    kaityogill our care pkg included books, dvds, tee shirts, sports team hats,cologne and of course the mini snickers. All arrived in good condition.

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    We actually had bags of gummy life savers, and M&Ms...they went over great with the staff, and we didn't have to worry about melt-age in transit...the reason the staff like the candy is...not because it's not available in JA...just not the "premium", good stuff we take for granted here in th U.S.
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