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    Default Weather in Septemeber

    Was wondering what the weather is like in September, late around 23rd. My wife and I are hoping to go for her 40th birthday. Its a special one and we want to make this a fantastic trip.
    I have heard it is cloudy and can rain most days but for only a short period of time.

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    im- september weather in negril can be dicey is it still in the hot band of hurricane season.... We have been to negril numerous time in sept and one thing i would suggest get on the beach early nd do what ever water stuff you wish early ... the morning tend to be sunny and as the day progresses it get very hot and you stand a greater chance of rain in the afternoon.

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    It is still very hot... some days it may rain for just a little bit.... it is a great time to go because of the price due to the "H" word season. My wife and I and our friends have been going in September for the past 10 years.... we have no complaints...

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    Was there the middle of Septembe in 09. It did rain almost everday for about an hour in the afternoon. It caused absolutley no problems. We did many activities everyday. Don't let a little weather stop you.

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    Thanks guys, all info sounds perfect for us!
    7 Weeks and counting, we are SOO Looking forward to it!
    Wishing we could have 7 weeks sleep in one night?

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