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    Default First time to Jamaica! CN or CSA???

    My boyfriend and I are looking to visit Jamaica and Couples for the first time next year in May. We are a younger couple (29 and 31) looking for a romantic getaway and interested in possibly doing an excursion or two outside of the resort. We are not party animals, but a little nightlife would be great. Which resort would better suite us, CN or CSA? Should we fork out the extra money for a ocean/beach/beachfront room at either of the resorts? I'm hoping some of you who have experienced both resorts can help us out!

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    I apologize for my spelling! When I asked which would better "suite" us, I meant which would better suit us! I guess I had Beachfront Suites on the brain! Hopefully, someone out there can give us some tips on choosing between the resorts!

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    You will get a multitude of answers on this question. We have been to CN and find that there is plenty to do in the evenings..but we aren't big party animals and it doesn't take much to entertain us. The Piano Bar is open until the last person leaves and can be quite fun in the evening. I love CN for the smaller space and closeness. I wouldn't spend the extra money for beachfront unless it is really that important. You can get some that you walk right onto the beach, but none that are "oceanfront" The view is wonderful from anywhere so save the money and stay an extra day if you can. Having said all that, all I have read is that CSA has probably a better night life than CN with their Piano Bar. Never been but from the reviews and comments from CSA vets, it does seem more lively there. Age doesn't make a difference either place. There are a wide variety of ages at both and you will feel comfortable no matter what. You have to look closely at both and determine what is important to you and one will stand out with those aspects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elissa View Post
    I apologize for my spelling! When I asked which would better "suite" us, I meant which would better suit us!

    If you look at the bottom of any posts that you've submitted, you'll see an "edit" button. You can simply select edit and correct any errors in your posts without having to submit a new message.

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    CSA people are going to say CSA, CN people are doing to say CN.

    Look at the pics of the two resorts, choose the one the calls you. For us it was CSA, the beach called out to us, we are going back for the 4th time this fall. You cannot go wrong with either.

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    Default Best Beach at CN

    If you are a beach person, there is none better than CN.

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    CSA was voted most romantic getaway in the caribean.

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    I've been to both and my take was that CSA was great for getting away just the two of us where as CN seemed to be more centrally focused and better for group travel. Don't get me wrong, you can find quiet alone time anywhere you go, but CSA just seemed to have larger grounds and more quiet spots for us to be alone where as CN is focused around the main pool.

    I also noticed that I couldn't tell you a single member from the entertainment staff at CSA, but I knew them all by name at CN. I think some of that speaks to the fact that it seemed like is was just about the two of us at CSA. No one will ever bug you to participate in things unless you want to.

    As for the beachfront suites, it was worth it at CSA, but not at CN. At CN the buildings seemed to face inward more where as at CSA they faced the beach better.

    Both offer the same excursions and if I had to pick two, I'd definitely do the Catamaran (as often as you can!) and Rick's Cafe. Margaritaville was a bust and not worth it but at Rick's, you can cliff dive and watch an awesome sunset.

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    Kurlie124 thank you so much for the helpful info, especially regarding the rooms and excursions. I will definitely keep this in mind when making a final decision. After reading other threads on the message board, I'm starting to lean towards CSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurlie124 View Post
    I've been to both and my take was that CSA was great for getting away just the two of us where as CN seemed to be more centrally focused and better for group travel. . . .
    According to a recent post from Randymon, CSA is the resort that attracts the largest number of groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawfish View Post
    If you are a beach person, there is none better than CN.
    See I like the CSA beach better, I consider CN to be more of a pool resort.

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    We had this debate ourselves, and in the end went with CN. It was the right choice for us. We like the cozy feel of the resort and added privacy seeing as how there are less guests. We tend to keep to ourselves, while not being overtely anti-social, we didn't have a problem when we wanted alone time or social time. It's really what you make of it. Beach is phenomenal at CN. Quiet waves lapping on the sand, floating on a raft, drink in hand, sun beating down and a huge grin pasted on my face. That's a little bit of heaven in Negril to me!

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    Elissa, we've only been to CSA and CTI but I've read so much about CN on the board that I feel comfortable giving advice. At CSA we really enjoyed our strolls through the grounds. We stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite in the middle of the resort so it was a nice walk to get anywhere. It is true that if you want to socialize with other people CN is probably better due to its centrally located pool. Also being on a shorter span of beach CN's beach has less traffic than at CSA. We never had an issue with beach traffic and found the peddlers rather interesting. If you are into exercise then CSA is the place for you. Besides long walks on the beach, the sports complex is the best, with workout classes, equipment and the big seldom used lap pool. You probably can't go wrong with either resort so enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    I've heard from so many people that the night life really just depends on the guests that are there the week you will be there. When my husband & I went to CSA the first time the nightclub was DEAD, but when our friends went to the same resort about two months after we did the nightclub was jumpin. Totally different expereinces.

    You just can't go wrong with either CSA or CN. Both have a beautiful beach and the same excursions. If the resort you choose doesn't have the energy at night that you hoped for, there are a few bars outside the resorts that you can taxi to that may be more lively.

    No Other Resort Is Like A Couples Resort - enjoy!

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    We have been to CSA 3 times and are booked for trip #4.If access to seven mile beach is important to you,it is for us,then CSA is your place.You just take a left down the beach and there are beach bars and shops to explore.I love to get off the resort and walk a little bit.That is the only reason I won't go back to CSS is that we felt a little trapped there on the small but beautiful beach.

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    Default csa for us

    This is our first trip to Couples. I picked Csa because of the Great things I have read about this place,and how beautiful it looks. We chose BFV as are room because we wanted to be as close to the beach as possible.We will be there May,22-29. I am 33 wife is 34. We like to have fun and relax. Can't wait!

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    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Can anyone tell me which room types they have liked better at CSA? Which room types have the best location as far as beach access?

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