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    Default Ashes Cricket at CN

    Due at CN next week, just wondering what my chances are of getting any Ashes coverage?

    Jamaicans are seriously into their cricket so Im hoping there might be a TV on somewhere.

    Are there any beach cricket games or anything organised at CN by the staff?

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    Default Just back from CN

    You will be able to get ESPN in your room. As well as in the games room. While we where at CN last week there was nothing organised however as you said they do love their cricket. If you go to the beach bar speak to Lindon he loves cricket and we had some brilliant conversations with him. Also one of the lads who does the red flag service around the pool is nicknamed 'Chris Gayle' because he is obsessed with him.

    Hope that Helps


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    Chances of coverage of Ashes is decent. If not on TV in your room, perhaps on the TV in the games room. Lindon is the bartender to seek out - lives for all things cricket. He typically has worked the night shift at the piano bar, but at times works other shifts and will be able to tell you what you can see and when.

    As far as games on the beach, it depends on the timing of your visit. It may be scheduled and not enough people show, or it may not be scheduled. I think we've seen it scheduled 20% of the time. The watersports and other groups are gearing up for their internal football tournament so that may distract them from cricket.

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    Was also wondering the same as we are at CSS for the 3rd test.

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    Thanks for your replies guys, Ill speak to Lindon next week when I arrive!

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