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    Do they have equal for my coffee or do I need to bring a lot of packacts?

    Where can I get a cup of coffee at 5 AM? I go to work at 5 AM and it takes a few days to get adjusted to getting up later. Don't want to make it in room and wake her up.

    When wearing shorts to dinner what type of shirt and shoes can I wear (men). Are nice t-shirts and sandals OK ?

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    There is a 24hr internet cafe in the Great House Building that has a coffee machine. It makes cappucinos,etc. Not sure about the equal.

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    yes, they will have equal... there are coffee stations in the computer room and in the main eating area. When going to the buffet, anything is ok, but people do tend to look nice. In general... don't worry about anything... you'll have a wonderful time... just relax. :-) It's perfect there.

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    Not sure about the Equal...hopefully someone else will have an answer for you.

    The Palms offers a continental spread (should include plenty of coffee) at 5:30, so that will probably be your best bet.

    Nice t-shirts and sandals are fine for any restaurant except Feathers, where you will need slacks, a collared shirt and closed-toed shoes. You may also want to upgrade to a collared shirt for LemonGrass.


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    I drink mine black and straight up, so I can't say for sure about the sweetener packs. But you should be able to get a cup of joe at the Palms. If not, for sure by 6 am (my normal rise time). I take the larger cup from the room, head to the Palms, get a cup and check around to see if there is anyone to get me an insulated carafe... then I head to the beach, strolling up and down the full length of that gorgeous stretch of sand, chatting it up with the beach groomers, and just chilling out.

    Round about 8 am, my queen gets up and I have her coffee ready for her.

    As for shirt/shoes, resort casual is fine at the Palms and Patois, perhaps even at Lemon Grass. Nice t's and polos are acceptable, as are sandals (not flip-flops).

    Of course, this is NOT acceptable at Feathers, SweptAway's gourmet restaurant. Slacks (not jeans), collared shirt and close-toed shoes are the order of the evening for the gentlemen.

    Hope that helps....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    1. I'm pretty sure they DO have equal for your coffee. No worries there.
    2. If you walk down to the Palms, they have coffee ready at 5am. They also have a self server Nescafe machine that makes awesome lattes and espresso 24 hours. I would walk down there every morning for my first cup of coffee before room service would deliver it.
    3. At Lemongrass, Patois and Palms, nice docker style shorts are perfectly acceptable. My DH wore either a golf-style collared shirt or a button down short-sleeve shirt. I think you might find those cooler and more comfy than a T-shirt, although, IMHO, a NICE (and honestly, I mean NICE) t-shirt would be OK, too. He also wore a pair of nice closed-toe leather sandals at those same restaurants. (Based mainly on his preference to NOT show his toes during dinner. Lots of athletics don't make for attractive toesies. LOL.)

    The clothing issue tends to open up a whole big can o' worms as some like the dress up options, others don't want to have to dress. We don't get to dress up much at home, so we enjoy wearing "nicer" clothing to dinner -- I wear a dress every night, and enjoy it thoroughly.

    You'll love your trip. We're booked for #5 next May.

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