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    Default Can't believe how far August 2012 is!! CSS I long for you!!

    I just got engaged on Thursday!!! We knew we wanted something intimate and after some research I know that CSS will be perfect!! In these times we are being practical about saving for what we want so that's why we pushed it to August 2012 instead of 2011. It seems so far away but I'm planning on keeping myself occupied by buying something each month for it like shoes, dress, etc.

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    congrats and you will be surprised how fast the time will go by!

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    Thank you sun!!! Now to just keep the families at bay. They are not happy to hear we want to go away to do this. But it's my dream and my fiance loves it too!!!

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    Sassy, we all run into family or friends not being happy with our decisions to get married in Jamaica. you have to have your dream wedding!

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