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    Default How did you book your wedding? Thru Couples or....??

    Hi to all, Just wondering how many of you made your reservation through Couples vs. an independent travel agency or wedding planner. Pros/Cons to each, outside of price differences and agent charges? Just really trying to figure out my best option before I bite the bullet and make my reservation...

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    We booked through a travel agent... She seems to have the process down and then I really don't have to worry about a thing...

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    my fiance and i are getting married at CTI in october and we've booked everything through a travel agent... the wedding coordinator at couples then started e-mailing me, but i'm so happy we went with an agent good luck!

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    we booked through at travel agency. We did the wedding planning online with the resort coordinator. When we get there we will make the final decisions.

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    booked the ceremony reservation online and will book the airfare and accomodations as a package thru a travel agent

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    Default booking

    We used a TA for all the flights/rooms, but did all the wedding details with the Couples coordinator. If you try to book directly through couples for the rooms you will be responsible for collecting money etc. We really didn't want to deal with all that so we went through a travel agent. It was really easy!

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    We booked through a travel agent and it's such a relief to have someone looking over my shoulder and making sure everything is in place. Good thing we had her...she caught the fact that my fiances father's name wasn't on the birth certficate...if we had sent it in incorrectly it would have taken so much more time. As it is, it's fixed and all is good for an October 27th wedding at CSS.

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