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    I read on here that some people made their own bouquets, so that is what I did. I was wondering how everyone else who did the same transported them in their luggage without being ruined? Any ideas will help.

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    I also would like to know this information as I am making my own bouquet as well. Should we put it in a small box and pack it in our carry-on...??

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    Carry it on. I am assuming it is a silk arrangement??

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    I would carry on all your wedding items, well the essential ones. Your dress, jewelry, shoes if any, and your fiance's as well. Then you have no worries about them getting there. As far as packing it, I would put it in a box, so it doesn't get smashed, and unpack it all as soon as you arrive, so if any wrinkles appear you can let them hang out or get them to steam them out.

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    I totally agree with what Apprentice said! I carried on all my wedding day stuff and a change of cloths. However my husband did NOT, and "insisted" it would be fine. Everything was fine in the end...but our luggage was lost for a day/night, and I was totally stressing about it not arriving in time for wedding!!! Carry it on for him, if he won't do it! haha

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