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    Hello All

    My wife" to be" is now thinking about the great house rooms.I was looking for Pic's of the rooms but could only fine the ones on the web page, Does anyone have any Pic's of the view/room, just to see if there like the web page,
    one last thing, what room is better for the view and sounds of the ocean ,the BFVS or the Great House room ?

    BTW, We don;t mind walking to events or dinners. so being close to things is not a problem

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    Probably BFVS. We've only stayed in the GHVS. The Great House rooms are surprisingly exactly like the photos on the website, but here is another link that has some more great pics of each room category.

    Great house is especially nice if you would like access to the internet cafe. I have not stayed in one, but I would guess probably more wave sounds in BFVS. (Although you can in fact hear them in the greathouse, later at night especially.)

    Biggest difference is that the BFVS are literally steps onto the beach, like a beach bungalow, whereas you access GH rooms through an indoor hotel-like corridor. Either way you will love-love-love CSA; enjoy your trip!!

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    You can hear the waves in the GH if you are on the ocean side and not pointed at the interior of the resort.

    All the rooms are good, we like the GH rooms.

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    I see in the Pic there is a Beach Front Suite??? Are this only on ground floor?, from the pic look a lot bigger then a BFVS ?
    or are they the same thing ?? I'm still a little confused with the 2.

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    Molly, the Beachfront Suites are in the old section and have a mini-bar, but no TV. They are right on the beach path and some of them have huge verandahs. The Beachfront Verandah Suites are in the newer section and are also right on the beach path. Those rooms have both a mini-bar and TV and the verandah's aren't huge, but are decent sized. I would go for either of these rooms before going with the Great House Verandah Suite only because with the BFS and BFVS rooms you will be right on the sea and this positioning will give you the best place to hear and see the beautiful water. You can also walk out your door and the beach is right there.

    If you want to hear the ocean go for BFS or BFVS. Good luck deciding. CSA is awesome and you guy are gonna love it no matter what room you pick.

    Congrats on the upcoming marriage.

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    Default Insightful!

    That link was great tnx so much!

    These pics are in all the various travel mags, but put together like this was insightful. We are limited to our choices of room because a TV is part of the evening plan. I'm seeing in the pics that the most unrestricted view of the beach/ocean is from the GHBFJS whew! lol, but then you have public gatherings below you consistently, so I'll pass on those. We can use the J's by the pools.

    We don't want to be beside the road, so I guess that leaves us with the ocean or beachfront veranda suites. It's difficult to see from the pics, but I'm guessing the better beach/ocean views are on the ground and top floors??

    any further insight would be great! We'll take what we get, but if it's a possibility we can get what we want, I wan't to know what we're getting lol

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