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    My question is; Now that the old section garden suites have been upgraded to garden verandah suites what determines which one is assigned? We booked our trip months ago, at a higher daily rate I might add, for a garden verandah suite on the new side of the resort. We've previously stayed one night in one of the old section garden suites and would be upset if we got placed in an upgraded one next trip. Is there anyway to assure that we get placed in the newer section? Does anyone else have the same concern as we have? Thanks in advance for your help...Steve

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    I think we all share your concern. I think someone posted a while back that Couples will flag those accounts who booked early for the GVS so that they will be placed in the new section of GVS rooms. I would like a confirmation of that though. I asked my travel agent and she said she was still waiting to hear back fro
    couples about it.

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    I can tell you your rooms are not flagged and if they are they still put you in the other rooms. If you have been there before you will know if you have not then you wont. My suggestion is to get a copy of a map with the old building numbers that explained which rooms are which and then you can request no wait demand nicely and they will make it happen. We went with another couple and both purchased months prior and were expecting the room we had purchased and we got there checked in and nope not a GVS as purchased it was the old one. Went back to the office and asked to be moved no rooms available had to move the next day. In the end it all worked out

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    I went back and looked at the old thread and Randy was the one who said they would handle it.

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    Thanks for both of your comments. I was hoping for an "official" reply to my concern but guess I'll have to get my travel agent involved. Her agency is one of the recommended ones on this site so I hope she can get some answers. The reason I'm concerned is that back in December, 2008 we booked the Garden Verandah Suite in the new section but when we arrived, due to availability we were placed in an old section Garden Suite for one night. Without glass in the windows, the cars that drove by playing loud music was a little disturbing. We were so tired from the trip that we slept soundly anyway. The next day when we were moved to an Ocean Verandah Suite (upgrade) and we liked the feel of the room much better. In addition, the glass in the windows kept it much quieter. Oh well, life in Paradise will be awesome no matter where we end up, but I would like to get what I originally bargained for when making my reservation.

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    Randymon did say that those individuals that booked newer Garden Verandah Suites before the change would be given those rooms. If possible, look up the thread that contains this post from Randymon and print it up and bring it with you....or have your travel agent print it up and fax it over to them. Hopefully at that time Couples will give you the reassurance that you will get the room you paid for. I am counting on Randymon being the stand up guy that I know he is and honoring what he posted. I also paid for a Garden Verandah Suite and I want to make sure I get that room too. Good luck.

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