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    Default Dunn River Excursion question

    Hi all,

    We'll be headed out for our first trip to Couples and are looking forward to the Dunn River excursion.

    Now, I've read up on this and everyone seems to say the same thing - "Make sure you go on a day when there isn't a Cruise ship docked at the port".
    Does anyone actually know how to check when Cruise ships will be docked or not? I've been trying to find it online, but cannot find any sort of schedule for the port.


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    Check this website, and look up for when you'll be there:

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    We were told that there generally aren't any cruise ships on Saturdays and that did seem to be the case when we went to Dunns River Falls.

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    Default dunns river


    we were at Dunns River just two weeks ago.....
    we went on Sunday, since that is a day when there are no ships at port.
    as a matter of fact, we found out that the only days that ships are at port in Ocho, is Wed. and Thurs.
    of course, you still have buses coming from Mont. Bay.
    anyway, we had no trouble getting to the launch area at the bottom of the falls. our guide, 'Peeping Tom' was great. he recorded the dvd, which i do recommend. its a hoot to watch when you get home.
    but, wear water socks, not sandals.....i spent half the time stopped to get pebbles out of my shoes. they dont feel great at all.
    and, i am sure you have heard about the vendors at the craft market. NO PROBLEM, MON......JUST DONT LOOK AT THEM AND KEEP WALKING....DONT SAY ANYTHING TO THEM.
    that is an invite for them to swarm
    you will love this trip.........

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