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    Default Wedding/Salon questions

    I am getting married in January at Couples Negril..wondering if anyone has gone to the salon there for their own wedding to get their hair done? I am a stylist myself and normally always do my own hair because I am VERY picky, but I would love to not have to worry the day of my wedding and have someone else do it....anyone have a bad/good experience?
    Also- is the salon right there? What time will they start doing hair, my wedding is at 10 so I would like to be done with hair at 8 so I have some time to CHILL OUT!

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    I have the same question - but about CSA!!! Do they do a "practice run" or do you just have to hope it works out on the day???

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    I got my hair done at the salon for my wedding last November at CN. I thought she did a very good job and it was one less thing I had to think about. They have books of different styles and try to replicate what you like. You can click on my user name and go to my profile to view a few of our wedding pictures to see my hair...We got married at 4:00 p.m. so I think my appointment was at 1:30 p.m. I got a pedicure at the spa too...

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    Default Salon Question

    I also had a 10am wedding at Couples Negril and I had an appointment booked at the salon for 8am. The salon is right in the resort so don't worry you will not have to travel off site for hair and make up!
    I only had my hair done at the salon and chose to do my own make up, no reflection on the resort I am just very particular and was more comfortable doing my own.
    I have to say that the lady who did my hair did a fantastic job, I had an 'updo' with a side chignon/bun. Saying that I did go for a simple style and it only took them 20-30 minutes but my wedding co-ordinator Kenisha assured me that they are capable of almost anything, just bring them a picture.
    You can also book with the salon beforehand to have a hair 'trial', this might be a good option for you if you're concerned. I played safe and had a back-up style ready that I could manage myself if anything turned out wrong but luckily it was fine.
    Hope that helps x

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    I recently got married at CN 7/15/10 @10am. I booked an 8am hair/make-up apt in advanced thru debbie the states coordinator. Then my sister arrived a few days earlier than us, and booked her hair apt for 730 (they do not normally open that early but were happy to accomidate) and my mom's hair apt at 9am.

    I was very indesicive about anything wedding, and was extreamely anxious about my makeup look. I had my make up artist friend here help me with the "look" that i wanted, as well as i had it done by a few places in the mall, to get a good variety of "looks" to choose from. I ended up buying a foundation primer and eye shadow primer (which i LOVE by the way), that i applied myself before i went to salon. I also brang the eye colors that i wanted and had her apply them. I choose to use their foundation, b/c i was unsure of mine matching well enough with my fading spray tan! haha. I also brought a waterproof eye liner (called aqua eyes by make up forever from sephora) which i also LOVE. Then of course used waterproof mascara. Sehpora actually gave me a free sample of finishing spray to use on wedding day, but i totally forgot about it with all the excitement, but everything still turned out fine!

    With my hair, i just brang a few pictures that i liked both from magazines and prior updo's that i liked on myself before (from proms). I have very thick long hair, and was extreamely nervous about getting done in time for my mom's appointment @9, as well as enough time to get laced into my dress, etc.... But the girl at salon was fabulous and FAST! she did an excellant job and i was very pleased.

    I considered booking a "trial run" apt the night before, but decieded i didn't want to spend double the $ for the "same end look". and waste any more time in salon, when i could be enjoying Jamaica and our guests! Decieded to just "wing it" the day of, and SOO GLAD I DID!!!

    I did get VERY HOT and Sweaty in the salon under the curling iron. the ladies were soo super nice and helpful. They removed the large salon cape, and used a small towel instead. they also got me a bottle water which i later put in my bra! then my bridesmaid brought me some mamosa's to drink as i was getting nervous about ceramony (but not hair/makeup)!!!


    If your anxious about deciding your hair/make-up look, i would have it done where you live and take pictures to bring to salon. and even bring a few make-up items if your set on them! Then you won't have to waste precious jamaican time in a salon, when you can be out enjoying the weather! But the make up and hair lady at CN is AWESOME!!!

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    I had my hair, nails and make-up done at CSA for our wedding and LOVED IT! I brought them about 4 pics from magazine of hairstyles, told them to pick the one they thought would look best , and it was perfect. My make-up was amazing, my husband asked if i could re-create that look at home, cuz he like it so much. I told them i wore earth-tone colors and they worked their magic. The gal even worked thru her lunch for me to get beutified! She even put my tiara on, and decoritive hair pins and i felt beautiful!

    I wish i could remeber her name, she was great.
    She was probably in her 40's or a little older. She got me a mimosa right when i got there and was so fun to be around.
    Dawn maybe?

    All i can say is that it is so worth the money!

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    Default Salon Payment

    Just did you guys pay at the salon? I didn't know if the charge was added to your room charges, or if I should bring cash for salon services (or just a tip).

    Also, is it easy to cash traveler's checks at the resort? I hate to carry much cash, but know sometimes they can be a pain to cash in.

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