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Thread: Jet skis at CSA

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    Default Jet skis at CSA

    Where is the best place to rent jet skis at CSA ? Would like to make sure they are in pretty good shape and what is the going rate ?

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    simply find Elvis on the beach. he will arrange the jet skis for you.


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    Can't go wrong w/Elvis. He's easy to find or no problem, he'll surely find you! Have fun and a rum punch for me! Razzl
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    Don't spend more than 40 for a half hour... Don't get roped into renting it for an hour. Not enough to do on it for an hour. Take one around Booby Cay. Its the little island right off the point to the right of the resort.
    Rent in the morning usually calmer then. I will be on one out there in 15 days!

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    Elvis will definitely get you set up. He's a good man.

    At the risk of hijacking the thread... is there an "Elvis" type person at CN? Who should we look for there?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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