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    Default First time visitors to jamaica and CSS

    My Husband and I are going to CSS july 24th thru the 31st for a late honeymoon..we got married new years day in piegon forge and didnt think we were gonna get the honeymoon of our dreams in jamaica...But to our surprise our dreams are coming true....we will be staying in a beachfront suite, tho after further research i am wondering if i should have chose a ocean view, because it seems these rooms are bigger with 2 tvs....tho we will not be spending much time in the room we are hoping to get a really nice room...anyone have any advice as to which room to choose? The one reason i wanted the beachfront was because I was told it was the closest to the ocean, that when on bottom floor which we hope to get we can walk right out on the beach?? Anyone else gonna be there during this time?? Would love to meet new friends!!! We are both so excited about our trip, and cannot wait to get there!!!!

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    We stayed in a ground floor beachfront jacuzzi suite in February. They do provide the easiest access to the main beach or sunset beach as well as the beach bar/grill and Pallazina. You will be sacrificing some view and privacy on the groundfloor, but we enjoyed the convenience. Having said that, we opted for a penthouse suite when we return next January. You really cannot go wrong with any room you have chosen the right resort! If you want some pictures of the view etc from a ground floor in B block...e-mail me at

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    We stayed in a beachfront suite at CSS last year. They are not directly on the beach. The main lawn separates these suites from the beach. However, it is just a very short walk across the lawn to the beach. We loved these rooms for their convenient access to most everything we wanted to do - the beach, snorkeling, Palazzina, the main swimming pool, and the beach grill.

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    Default dear first time visitors

    Dear 1st time visitors.....

    Congrats on ur honeymoon.....
    We were at CSS just two weeks ago. We stayed in a beach front suite, Block A as they call it. It was perfect. We were less than 25 yards from the beach and even closer to the main pool with swim up bar. This is where you WANT to be. If you are on the other side of resort, you will be up on the hillside and willl have to walk 'down' to eat; swim; and be with all the new friends you want to meet. If you ever have to go back to the room, the walk back 'up' to your 'ocean view' room will get real old real quick.
    Besides, you can have ocean view all you want- just go to the mineral pool. It has a great view AND you can lay out and swim at the same time.
    Also, dont waste ur time on the orientation. its time consuming and you can figure lots of things out just by walking the grounds and getting a general feel of the place.
    Place close attention to the eateries- meal times; menu's; etc. Know when you can get what kind of food and when.
    Also, there are three entertainment staff that take care of daily and night time activities....Miguel, Shellyanne, and Kadyann (sp). Look up Kadyann and tell her you got some advice from Big Pat from Missouri. (wife Debbie) She is a sweetheart.
    Go on excursions- best way to meet people. Dunns River is awesome. Go into town to shop. Less than 10 minutes. Island Village is great and has Margaritaville. Ate there 3 times. Great food. We went during the day, had NO trouble with anyone. We walked everywhere........
    Please email me for any more info....I will be very up front and honest about anything you need to know to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

    have a great time......
    oh, and dont lose your luggage like American did us !!!!!!!!!

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    My husband and I are going to be there at the same time as you!! Make sure you sign up on the July 2010 Getting to Know You thread of the Meet Up at Couples part of this Message Board! I think on there I posted photos of the views from our rooms! I really don't think it matters which room you get as they all have fab views and the resort is pretty intimate, so you're never too far from anything! This is our 4th trip to CSS so please feel free to email ( or reply to this with any questions! See you in 5 days!!! =)
    Meghann and Chad

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    Default Thank you all for your advice

    I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read and reply to my post..i very much appreciate that....2 more days and i cannot gettin super excited...cannot wait to b in jamaica and at css!! This is gonna be so awesome!!!

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