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    This might be a little early, but we are so excited that we booked! We are Terri & Bo from Texarkana USA; we claim both Texas & Arkansas We will be back at CSA for our second trip November 18-24.

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    no it isn't early at all we are super excited too, 316 more days for us till we return home we are going Nov. 19-27th we are from wisconsin

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    We will be there Oct 30th through Nov 6th and we are from Wisconsin also. We have been to CTI twice and once to SS and this will be our first time for Negril and Swept Away and we are very excited.

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    we are from the appleton area how about you?? we have been to css and this is our second time to csa we loved it so much here the beach is awesome, hope you have fun

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    Unreal we are from Fond du Lac. From all the messages we have read CSA sounds really nice and the beach fantastic. Hope you have a good time also.

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    WOW, that is crazy you are so close to us! and yes the beach is amazing that is one of the reasons we are going back to csa, we loved css but csa is just the place for us and i there is more to do there as far as parasailing and jet skis which aren't offered at css and i also liked the snorkling better at csa

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    We (Doug & Karen) will be at Couples SA Nov 2-9th. Can't wait! The countdown is on! This will be our first visit to a Couples resort. We are looking forward to tons of fun, cold drinks & lots of sun.

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    sgerard828 - are we going to do some jetski's this time around or just say we are going to do it and then end up on the beach all day drinking JAH lemonade?

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    ohh yes we are going to try the jet skis out this time and of course we are just going to relax on that beach with some jah lemonade and how about a miami vice YUMMY

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    This is our first visit to a Couples resort, we will be there Nov 16-21st for hubby's 50th b-day. We're from Baltimore, but now live in York, Pa. Go Ravens!

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    We are Brian and Mendy, from Wichita, Kansas. We will be at CSA from November 20 - 27th. It will be our first time to CSA, we went to CSS in November 2009. We can't wait to see the Negril side for the first time!

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    looks like we will see you there Brian_Mendy! The repeaters dinner is AWESOME!! You will love negril!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgerard828 View Post
    looks like we will see you there Brian_Mendy! The repeaters dinner is AWESOME!! You will love negril!
    Thank you! We look forward to seeing Negril for the first time and hopefully we will get to meet you while we are there! We will put up our picture as time gets closer.

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    We are Billy and Joy and we will visit CSA for the 1st time Oct. 30th - Nov. 6th. I am toooooo excited!!! Can't wait! I'm packing already!!! lol

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    Hi all! We will be at CSA October 27-November 3 2010 for our weddingmoon. This will be our first trip to Couples/Jamaica and we are so excited. I have read such wonderful things. Can't wait to meet up with everyone. After the wedding on Oct 30, we will probably be the lobsters at the bar.

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    We (Melissa and Anthony) will be at CSA 11/1-11/10 for our honeymoon! This is our first trip to Couples and we can't wait!!!
    Melissa & Anthony

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    We will be there from 10/29--11/7 for our honeymoon, cannot wait!

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    we also will be there the week after thanksgiving,can't wait to go!

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    Default Back in 2010

    We are currently debating dates for November 2010. Probably the week before Thanksgiving. Anybody experience Thanksgiving in Jamaica? Cant't wait to be booked!

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    We were their the week before Thanksgiving last year & are returning the same time this year. We go home the day before Thanksgiving...all refreshed for the holiday season! The weather is in the 80s, the water is nice & cool. It was perfect!!!

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    We went the week of thanksgiving in 2008 and the weather was AWESOME!!! And there wasn't really anything special they did for thanksgiving, they served turkey but other than that nothing special. We are going again the week of thanksgiving this year, cant wait only 245 more days

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    Well, it's 222 until we go back in November (8-15). It's a great time to go before the deep winter weather sets in. TERRIANDBO - We've found that early November isn't a bad time to go there. You're out of hurricaine season, it's not too hot & it's not that crowded. It does seem to have more short, late in the afternoon showers, but it's warm enough to be liquid sunshine. We hope you got your reservations in before the discount deadline.

    Now,we're biting at the bit to get back to CSA in just 19 days for our 28th time there. It never gets old.

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    213 days as of today!

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    @onepiper- i just booked our trip today for the EXACT same dates!! (nov 8th-15th) Looks like you know your stuff and must love it since you've gone a gazillion times- this is our first to any Couples, let alone CSA. I'd love to hear any and all advice that you might have! I think you should be part owner by now, right? haha!! Anyway, I'm Adriane, and can't wait to see you guys there!

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    Do there happen to be any SCUBA divers that are going to be at CSA at the same time that we are (Nov 20 - 27)? We just got OW certified and are interested in asking a couple of questions about diving there. It would also be nice to get acquainted with some of the people who will be on the boat with us.

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