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Thread: CN/CSS split?

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    Default CN/CSS split?

    How long does it take to travel between CN/CSS if we do a split trip? And please remind me the travel time between the airport and CN. Thanks!

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    Well, the travel time between MBJ and CN are about an hour and 15min, give or take (probably give!). The ride from MBJ to CSS is just under 2 hours.
    If you have a nice long trip (8-10 days) you may want to do it.
    You've picked my 2 favorites so......
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    About an hour and a half from airport to CN.... and about 2 and a half hours from CN to CSS...
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    Yes, but it took us much longer than that.

    have your bags packed and at the door 1 hr prior to checkout, checkout, wait for ride, stopped at airport, pee stop, checkin

    It was a bit over (5) hours, almost the whole day

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    See we got lucky and didn't have to stop at the airport. We got our own car because the airport one was full and the manager wouldn't hear of us waiting around for the next one. It still was a bit over three hours but a neat ride. We've been to Couples twice now and always seem to luck out with really cool drivers that will point out everything and stop anywhere you want. Oh and we split between CN and CTI...CSS is on my wish list!!

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