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    Default In Room Liquor (CN)

    My wife and I will be going to CN in April 2011. When you arrive, is the liquor at the minibar already there, or do you fill out a request card?
    Also, can you request a specific brand of liquor? I for example likes Jack Daniels. Or are they local brands, or non-top shelf liquors?
    We have been to CSA twice, and CSS last year and the way the in-room liquor was dispensed was different
    269 days and counting!!!!!!!!!

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    Just a warning about Jack Daniels - when you fill out the request, make sure you note it under "Bourbon" instead of "Whiskey." We asked for it under the latter, and forgot it means different things to folks in a former UK colony and ended up with Scotch whiskey instead of JD.

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    Default In Room Liquor

    We stayed at CN for 2 weeks last September and couldn't have been happier with our mini bar. My husband and I just love champagne -waking up to a glass in the morning especially. You do fill out a little request slip with tick boxes, but champagne wasn't on the list - I simply wrote a request on the top with a little smiley face and hey presto it was there for us! We are not really spirit drinkers, but did request a bottle of whiskey one day and it was Teachers. The mini bar is also readily stocked with beers, water, coke, fruit juice including cranberry. We were talking to another couple who did like spirits and they had requested vodka, whiskey, gin and rum - and received a full litre bottle of each!

    You will have the time of your life - the staff are wonderful and food amazing!

    We are going to CTI this September and really hope it lives up to CN.

    Just beware if you're tempted by the "Bob Marley's" - they're lethal and my husband had to be fished out of the swim-up bar!!!

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    You fill out a request card...we had wanted beer for that day and asked the gentleman who had helped us to our room and he called and got that delivered immediately. We filled out the card and the liquor was brought in the morning. As far as I know you cannot request a specific tell them what you want and they bring it...same with the beer.

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    You fill in a request card. I'm not sure about being able to request a specific brand but I can tell you that the rum is Appleton's... and anything else we have ordered has been a brand name.

    Next year we probably won't order any liquor in our room. We almost have to force ourselves to have some. We spend so little time in our rooms and everything is so close we can get a drink pretty quickly any time we want one. If we want a drink while we're getting ready for dinner we will pick one up as we pass a bar going to our room from the beach.

    Pretty sure you will love CN!

    272 days for us...


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    We order lots of diet pepsi and bottled water, and they always do a great job of stocking it full. I put the word lots next to the bottled water line on the request sheet, and I think they left us 12 bottles. Couples will take care of you.

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    We r staying @ CTI and we got a suite because of the minibar and fridge. We r drinkers and my husband will drink at the bar and want a drink in the room on the balcony. We will see how that work for us and will adjust our next visit to Couples accordingly.

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