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    Default first time visitors and honeymooners at CN

    Hi everyone, My fiance and I are getting married on July 31 and honeymooning at CN Aug 2-9. Any advice? We reserved a deluxe garden view room. Were not fussy, but wondering if we should ask for a certain building or floor to be on. We are first timers to Couples. Any general advice would be appreciated for the resort. Thank You

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    Just go and enjoy yourself. SInce it is a firt time experience don't request anything - just go where you end up. All the rooms/buildings are fantastic.

    One suggestion I have for you to do is try the hot tub on the AN beach - go early or go late - just go.

    ... it keepsh me shane

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    You'll enjoy any room that you would be in.

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    When we went last year for the first time, I thought I had a building in mind that we would want. I had looked at the layout and figured that there were 2-3 buildings that would be "ideal" for us. When we checked in, we weren't even close to what I had in mind but told my husband....let's just take a look at it and see what we think. If we don't like it, maybe we can see if we can move later....WE LOVED IT! It works better if you go with an open mind because what you "think" you might want, may not be right and may set you up for disappointment. It is such a beautiful place...just enjoy. You will love whatever you get, trust me.

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    Default Advice for rooms and other

    My wife and I have been to CN for 4 years running. Buildings 1&2 are the closest to everything. If you don't mind walking, building 4 is bit more private. Building 5 is at the end of the property and a bit open. You'll want to eat at the grill (next to building 1) as much as possible. They have great burgers and jerk chicken. You can ask for white meat chicken. Watch out for the chicken patties though. The food in the restaurants isn't great but you can usually find something to eat, even if it is bread. On Ala Cart nights, the main restaurant is really slow. The Grill closes at 6pm, just before the restaurants open. I personally don't like eating so late, so the grill works out best.

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    My Fiancee and I will also be traveling to Couples Negril on our honeymoon, although a little earlier (July 26th - August 2nd). I've been reading through all the recommendations, ten tips, and things to remember. All the advice is great!

    We booked a Beachfront Suite, and our super excited. The only question we have, is what exactly is the severity of the Sand Fleas? Do they mainly come out at night? Does anyone have any recommendations on Bug Spray? I know people keep saying 100% DEET, but do they have specific brand recommendations?

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    You have great informative replies so far with great advice... I will start with CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    The idea of arriving without expectations is a great suggestion. Don't go wanting a specific room or floor. I'm pretty sure you will be happy with the room you given.

    Yes... try the AN hot tub, but even more than that, try the AN beach even if only for an hour. Do it early in the trip, so that if you like it you will not be disppointed you didn't try it sooner. You've probably been on textile beaches before so you know what that experience is like and can always go back there if you find that AN isn't your thing. Go early one morning on your way to breakfast before other people arrive there. Walk around and scope out the area so you're familiar with it when you come back to give it a try. Then apply lots of sunscreen and go and enjoy the feeling of the sun and ocean breezes on your body and the joy of not having to trudge around in a wet bathing suit.

    And the food. I have to disagree with alexanda but the food is fabulous! there is lots of variety every meal. I would suggest you try the grill but that you also try the buffet at lunch in Cassava and each of the restaurants at least once when you're there.

    Have a wonderful wedding, a beautiful honeymoon and long and happy life together.


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    I agree with Roclin...we ate at all the restaurants and found the food to be fabulous. Lychee wasn't as good as the others, IMO, but others on here think it is great, so maybe we ordered the wrong thing...we'll give it another try and see because all the choices looked good. Also, Otaheite is excellent and I believe you HAVE to try that. The beach grill is great and a good way to have a late lunch so you can eat a little later and enjoy the day on the beach for every minute you can....CN is paradise. Congrats on the wedding and what a perfect place to start your married life! Many happy years together!

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