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    Default Kimberly & Nikola November 12, 2010 at CSA!!!

    My fiance and I will tie the knot at eleven, barefoot the beach! This will be our first time to Couples and Jamaica, and we are so excited! The location came highly recommended by friends. We are so happy to spend this time with our closest friends and family and look forward to making many beautiful memories.

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    kimberly and nikola-

    congrats!!! we are doing a vow renewal on 11/11/10 at CSA!! 10am! so we'll make sure to look for your beautiful wedding the next day! our first time there, too. it's getting close!!!

    best wishes!

    adriane and andy

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    Default wedding too

    hey we're getting married they day after 13th nov on the beach too see you there xx

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    Congrats to you both on your wedding!! My fiance and I are getting married 11/11/11 at CSA at 4pm.. It will be soo exciting to see everyone's weddings there! Congrats again I can't wait to see you both there!

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    Congratulations! We are getting married on 11/5/10 .......15 days away!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by celestial929 View Post
    Congratulations! We are getting married on 11/5/10 .......15 days away!!!!!
    We will be there then too! 10/31 - 11/7 celebrating our delayed honeymoon. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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    Congratulations!!!! We are getting married 9/10/11 and also our first time to Jamaica!!!

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