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    Default CN AN question

    Given that this is our first time to CN, does the AN beach have shady spots or umbrellas if you want some relief from the Jamaica sun? From the pictures, cannot tell if there is much shade. Thx.

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    The AN beach has a really good mix of sun and shade.

    There are several large trees on the AN beach and lots of area to catch the sun as well.


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    Plenty of shade under the seagrapes trees as well as along the hedges at the edges. We're at CSS now and spent 4 days there last week.


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    We camped under those wonderful sea grape trees for the last week, it is so wonderful to relax in the shade and not have worry about being to hot.

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    Default Things to watch for

    There are some shady spots and the AN beach is generally not too crowded so shouldn't hard to get a chair under the trees or move one there. The trees are sea grapes though so watch out for messy things falling on your blanket. They stain. Also they attract bees and birds sometimes. Be aware that you can still get a sun burn in the shade. Take some got sun block and use it on delicate areas.

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    Our room over looked the AN area. I have some pics of the beach empty that i took after everyone had left. We found plenty of shady spots to get out of the sun for a while. Our favorite spot was next to the bar!!

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    Sorry i forgot to include my e-mail. if you would like to see the beach pictures.

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