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    Default Getting married at CTI in Oct. 2010

    We are going to be at CTI from Oct 21st to 28th. Getting married on the 23rd. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or "words of advise" to help me out. I have been to this resort, but when it was COR. It being my wedding day though, I am a little nervous so looking to get some info. Lol. Thanks to all!

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    Congratulations. I can't offer any advice on CTI b/c this will be our first trip there...but we are also going 10/21 to 10/28. Hope to see you...and congrats once again !!

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    Let LaToya handle everything for you, that is her job and she is wonderful at it. We got to witness a couple of weddings while we were there a couple of weeks ago. I think the prettiest were the ones that were on the lawn looking out over the ocean.

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    Default Fun fun

    Getting married on Oct 20. Will be there 18-25, 2010. We hope to meet some people.

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    Congrats!! We'll be on our honeymoon also from the 18-25th 2010. I've never been there so I cannot offer any words of advice in regards to the resort but I can say being a "not so blushing" bride lol, that relaxing more and more as your big day arrives will definitely help. All the best and hope we can join you for a toast!

    "Screw the knight in shining armour, I've got the hottest DJ behind the turntables------Mrs. Simon Oct.15.2010"

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    well she is driving me crazy right now. got to lose a few pounds and buy all kinds of clothes to wear. and questions never stop... what are we going to do while there??? haha. i know it will be fun, we just cant wait. we will have to try to get together. doubt any of our friends will make it so we will be all alone... which isnt a problem, more relax time

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    We've actually changed the date of our wedding to the 16th so we will be there from the 14th to the 21st... I can not WAIT!!!

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