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    Default Before we arrive, what can we. . .

    What can/should we do prior to our arrival at the resort? Can we make reservations at resort restaurants? For the Catamaran Cruise? Couples massage? Anything else?

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    You can make spa reservations before you arrive. Make your dinner reservations as soon as you get checked into your room. The reservations book up fast. You can make your reservations for the catamaran cruise, snorkeling, etc at either the sports shack or with the concierge during the day. Make those reservations as soon as possible. The catamaran only goes out on certain days, and you don't want to miss out!

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    The only thing you can preschedule is your massage. You can do that by going to the spa link on the page for your resort of choice. You can also do a precheck in, but you can not schedule anything else until you have your room number which you don't get until you arrive.

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    No on all counts. You can't make those reservation prior to arrival.


    Please relax. I can see you are becoming way too anxious about your trip. It happens to all of us. But you need to relax and just plan on taking it easy and enjoying time at Couples. Don't plan too much and don't try to do everything while you are there. Slow down and take it in, spend the week on "Jamaican" time. When you arrive you can start making reservations for restaurants and the cat cruise. Take naps, have a drink when ever you want, try some food that you have never heard of, spend LOTS of time on the beach.

    Have a great trip!

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    We have been to Couples five times and have never made pre reservations for anything. We have always been able to get in a resturaunt we wnated or an excursion. Relax and enjoy. Sometimes, it's just hard to leave the beach to do something and that's OK too.

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    You can't make any restaurant, snorkeling, or catamaran cruise reservations prior to your arrival. You can book your massage ahead of time, but I've always gotten my preferred time and day upon arrival at the resort. We've been to CSA and CSS, and the snorkeling trips can book up at CSA, especially the 11:00 trip. You can book those one day ahead of time.

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    Default Play it by ear

    Typically I like to have everything planned in advance, so I know where you are comming from.

    It was nice to play it by ear once we got there. By not making reservations ahead of time, we had more freedom to be spontaneous. We were able to do all of the excursions that we wanted to do, even though some we didn't plan until the day of the excursion. We ate in the restaurants that we wanted, and even changed a reservation from 8 Rivers to Bayside on our last day at CTI.

    We didn't feel chained to a schedule, but we also did not miss out on anything because we did not have it planned ahead a month in advance. Once we got there, we ended up not wanting to do some of the things that we thought we wanted to do, and doing some things that we didn't know we wanted to do before we left.

    All in all a great vacation!

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    You can make spa appointments on-line before arrival, but you have to authorize a charge to your credit card for the full amount of the service(s) selected, and the charge is non-refundable.

    We've stayed at all four Couples Resorts for a total of 16 trips. We've never made spa reservations in advance and have never had a problem making a spa appointment after arriving at the resort.
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    Pamela, 16 trips! Wow! We have trip #5 to CSA booked (all five to CSA). We love it so much we can't seem to tear ourselves away.

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    Gayle Ann, we can't tear ourselves away either. This year we're taking three trips to Jamaica. We visited CTI in January for my birthday and CN in March for our annual winter getaway. In September, we're going to CN again with my sister and her husband. It is only their second trip to Jamaica (they went to CSS with us last August) and their first trip to CN. They visit Hawaii annually, and we're anxious to see how Negril measures up.
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    I am sure Couples Negril will knock their socks off. Have a great time. Our first trip to Couples Negril will have to wait until August 19th 2011. May be we will see you there???

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