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    Default 3-day requirement?

    New to Couples MB and resorts, and I have to say this MB is one of the most useful I've seen! Thanks to all the veterans for your very helpful information! I'm planning to get married in September at CSS and transfer to CTI for honeymoon. But I've been looking for specific information about the requirement that you arrive 3 days prior to your wedding date...Is this a legal requirement? From all material that I've come across, the 3 days sounds like a prep requirement for the resort to get your preferences for your wedding. I would like to arrive on Wednesday and marry on Friday, as my finances won't allow for extra days "just because". Is Couples stringent about this "rule"? Any info is appreciated.

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    Seems like I remember it being a legal requirement--you have to be in the country for 48 hours before getting married.

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    It is only 48 Hours, so arriving Wed to wed Fri is ok! Congrats!

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    My daughter is arriving on Sat and getting married on Monday.

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    I have been doing tons of research on this. The LEGAL residency requirement is that you must be in Jamaica for 48 hours and that includes the day you actually arrive. From what I've been reading on the boards, Couples seems to be flexible with the whole 3 day thing. I'm guessing they want you there earlier to work out all the details with the wedding coordinator. My fiance and I can't stay any longer either and our wedding is not going to be huge. Nonetheless, I'm so excited and can't wait til next year Hope this helps and Good luck!

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