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    Default Arrival to Check In Question

    We are arriving Wednesday and can't wait. We have a question about how long it takes to get into the CN fun. We arrive around 1 pm so I was estimating an hour to get bags and through customs plus a 1.5 hour drive to Negril. That would be somewhere around 3:30. Questions are: Do you generally have to wait a long time for the shuttle to leave the airport or is this just luck of the draw as to when your plane arrives relative to the others that will ride with you. Also, once we get to the resort will we check right into our room or have to wait a long time for the room? And if we have to wait, we are assuming we can go jump in the pool until they are ready to check us in - is that true? We've seen a few posts about this but sometimes people talk of having to wait hours and sit around which seems odd to us, especially late in the afternoon. Thanks.

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    At the airport, customs and immigration is a guess...depending on when you get off the plane and how many others are coming in. From the one trip and from what I have read here, waiting in the lounge is never long. We had enough time for a quick trip to the bathroom and one red stripe and that was it....maybe 10-15 minutes tops. When we arrived at the resort they were waiting for us, had all the paperwork ready and we were done in a quick amount of time. Had someone right there to help us to our room....we arrived in Mobay at about 2:20 and were in our room by just a little before 5pm. So it didn't seem that bad to me. I think I had expected longer, so I was pleasantly surprised....then it's off to FUN. You are right, if your room isn't ready you can swim or enjoy the beach grill or just relax....the vacation starts then.

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    They will be ready for you when you arrive no worries. We arrived at around the same time as you and we were at the pool I think by 4pm or so. The longest part is getting through the airport and then the drive but it was not that bad...I am so jealous wish we were going back now too lol...have a great time!!

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    I would say 4 or so would get you to the resort. You will have enough time to grab a snack take a walk around and have a few drinks before getting ready for dinner.

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    We usually arrive around about that same time and then transfer on to CSA. You have the timing just about right. We are usually on the beach by 3:30. We've never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a shuttle. Remember, they know how many people are arriving on which flights, so they plan the shuttles accordingly. We've never had to wait more than 15 minutes to go through the checkin process, and we've never had to wait for our room to be ready when we've arrived around 3:00. Even if the room was not ready, you are free to use all of the resort amenitities.

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    OK, I have to tell you this great story. We were at CN a few weeks ago. Our flight landed in Montego Bay at 11:30 A.M. Customs was empty! YEA!. When we got to the Couples lounge, they said immediately- "your shuttle is waiting." We said, "Can we get a Red Stripe to go?" They said "Of course." We got to the resort before 1:30 !! Our room was ready. We had the rest of the afternoon to have fun! It doesn't always run that smoothly but we have made five trips and have never had a long trip or bad experience getting to CN or checking in.
    One other thing to know- Some people like to stop along the way and grab another beer but I always just want to get to the resort. You'll love it!

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