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    Default Pool volley ball

    Thanks to all who joined in the MARATHON pool volley ball game at CN on Tuesday 7/13/10. Going non-stop from 2-6PM with as many as 16 players and as few as 4 at times; with the only time outs being for bathroom and/or drinks fun was had by all; players and viewers alike!!!
    Although the entertainment staff quit the game at 3PM nothing (not even the rain) could prevent us from having a great time.
    I want to thank everyone who did the "hokey pokey" dance during time outs. Putting your left foot in and taking it out again while balancing a drink is not as easy as it appears from the pool deck.

    The Captain

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    Captain, Our Captain!!! So happy to see this post(Jess told me )Had a great time playing till the sun went down, I think we should take our team on the road..along with a few bartenders!! Same time, same place next year? CN our new favorite place!! Dennis & Robin,aka the Rocket.

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    Default Pool Voley Ball

    We ARE going on the road! Mr and Mrs Captain will be at Couples Sans Souci this November from the 13th to the 24th. Looking for new and past team members for the next game!!!

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    Captain. Really enjoyed the pool volleyball. Didn't realized we had played that long. Had a great time. Tony - aka Alabama

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