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    Default great house verandah(csa)

    any thoughts? we were in the atrium suite and just switched since there's no tv there.but they don't have continental room service which the other did..
    anyone stayed there and loved it?
    any ideas/suggestions?

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    Our first trip we stayed in the Great House because my husband is a TV fanantic, it was nice and all with a great view and we loved being near Patios Patio and the Aura Lounge. However, we didn't use the TV or the Bar much at all and opted for an Atrium our next visit. We fell in love with the layout and location of our Atrium! My husband didn't miss or inquire about a TV at all the entire 8 days. He would catch a glimpse when we were over at the fitness center, but it was no big deal. However, you can get morning room service in both rooms.

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    There's continental room service in all CSA rooms, regardless of category. You're right about no TV in the atriums, but I wanted to make sure no one was scared off by the breakfast issue.

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    We had the gardenview verandah suite and we loved it. We did not care about any kind of room service though as we loved Patois for breakfast...if that is important to you then I guess I would suggest sticking with the other room categories. We loved how close we were to all the main restaurants and bars so I would rather have one of those rooms personally just for location.

    Good luck I am sure you will be happy with whatever you choose.

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    thanks guys! we booked the great house verandah..can't wait!

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