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    I know I can have my carry on bag and a purse, but my fiance was wondering if he can have his carry on bag and a small backpack as well? Getting married at CN July excited! This will be our first time there.

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    As long as it is a small backpack, and by that I mean no larger than a big purse. Otherwise, the airline might decide to call it two carryons. I fly almost every week for work, and I think he will be OK.

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    I'm pretty sure that as long as the backpack will fit under the seat in front of him he will be okay.

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    I normally do the same. Since a small backpack is considered a personal item (equal to a purse) you should not have any issues boarding with a carry-on bag and small backpack provided that both meet the airlines carry-on dimensions (most airlines are 21" or 22" overall). Not knowing what airline you'll be flying, I would strongly suggest you contact your carrier for clarification and exact dimensions!

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    Y'all will need to check with your specific airline to see what they allow. The general phrasing among airlines is "one carryon bag and one personal item," meaning a purse, backpack, computer bag, etc.

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    Yes, I also have a very large bag and my carry on suitcase. My husband uses a back pack and takes his carry on suitcase.

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    That really depends on your airline. I advise checking the airline website, they are generally pretty specific on what is allowed and what is not. Keep in mind, too, that the airlines change their policies from time to time.

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    On the former Air Jamaica, the current Spirit, and our favorite - American Airlines - you can carry a bag in your hand and wear a backpack without penalty. Remember, this is an international flight, so the rules are more relaxed. My snorkel, fins, and mask go on my back in a pack and I have a carry-on. If you are bringing a laptop, make sure you can stuff it into your carry-on, as there is a limit to go through security. I have a Dell Netbook that takes up as much space as a thin novel.
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    Check with your airline for sure, but pretty much, you can take a carryon bag that you put in the overhead compartment and then another bag that needs to fit under the seat in front of you.

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    If it is delta, just check it, there are no fees for checking bags internationally. And it is way more convenient.

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