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    Default Things to do with a Big Guy

    My husband and I will be at CSA August 10-15th and although my husband is a big guy and getting smaller he still is above the "weight limits" for some of the excursions. What is a must do excursion for bigger guys? Some of the things I wanted to do, he can't and since this is a "couples" week away, I don't want to leave him to go do them.

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    What activities have weight limits? My hubby is also a big guy and didn't know there were restrictions on the activities.

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    The catamaran cruise and the glass bottom boat are No Problem. The only thing that will hold him back is himself so try everything.
    I not only tried all but I'm a member of the big guy club also and I have the T shirt to prove it.

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    Hi! You're there for a 5 dayer... I'd recommend relaxing on the beach, floating, playing in the caribbean, snorkling if you both do, reconnecting, and simply behaving like honeymooners.

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    Since you'll only be at CSA for five days, I'd suggest keepping the off - resort excursions to a minimum. Take the cat cruise once and spend the rest of your days relaxing on the beach. The time will pass quicker than you think.

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    How big is big? My girlfriend's husband is 6'6" and weighs 330lbs and was able to go on the jet-ski's. I guess the ATVs would have weight requirements, I'm 130lbs and mine kept breaking on me. The Ocean Safari looked really fun, and it didin't appear to me that there would be any weight requirements for that. We did some excursions during our first trip to Couples, but would have been just fine if we never left the resort. We will be back again (yay!) at the end of August and have no plans to leave the resort. There is enough to do for people (big or small).
    The Catamaran cruise is another trip where weight and/or height is not a factor.
    Just have fun, there will be plenty to do...or not do when you get there

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    You have nothing to worry about with only 5 days at CSA you will never even experience all the resort has to offer so I'd forget about offsite excursions and just do everything the resort offers.
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    The only activity that I might be hesitant about trying would be parasailing.

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    The zip lines (jungle canopy tour) have a weight restriction on them. Have you thought about snorkeling? I don't think there is a wt restr on scuba, but not sure. I am sure you will have a great time. Just relax and enjoy your time together!

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    We had looked at the zip line tour, weight limit of 250, horseback riding, weight limit 240, parasailing weight limit of 250 and these were from the Chukka Tours website so I was just kinda wondering. But then again from everything I've read here, just doing the resort tours and relaxing may be just enough for us this time around and if he keeps up with the doctors recommended diet, next year at this time we will be able to stay longer and maybe include some of the extra tours. Thanks for all the nice comments and we cannot wait to get there. I've had my suitcase packed for 2 weeks now and we don't even arrive until August 10th. Can you tell I am SO ready for this vacation?

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    Definitely don't leave hubby to go off on any offsite excursions ............. there's SO MUCH to do together at the resort that with only 5 days, you'll be busy every second if you want to be. I didn't realize that there were weight limits on that many of the excursions but if there's something you want to do that he can't do this trip then maybe you can plan it for your next trip when he's smaller since he's on his way there now. I just know that it would hurt my feelings if hubby left me to go do stuff I wanted to do but couldn't. Couples has so much for Couples to share ........... no matter what size. ENJOY!!!!!!! There'll be plenty to do for both of you.

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    As a recovering 300+lb man (now 272), I'm still trying to figure out why I can't ride a horse. Didn't horses pull carriages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shari and James View Post
    You have nothing to worry about with only 5 days at CSA you will never even experience all the resort has to offer so I'd forget about offsite excursions and just do everything the resort offers.
    Right on! On our first trip to CN (our honeymoon), my wife immediatley scheduled a ton of off-site excursions. I looked around and said this isn't a hotel, it's a beautiful resort...there are plenty of things to do right here if we get tired of just relaxing on the beach. It's not like the "resort" we stayed at in Key West, which turned out to be just a hotel with a swimming pool! (and cost a lot more....never again!)

    With only 5 days, forget about any off-site excursions and definately don't go on any by yourself!

    The Catamaran Cruise is a must do. It leaves at 4:00 and lasts about 3 hours, getting you back in time for one of the fabulous suppers offered by Couples.

    Stay on the resort and you will have the time of your life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisjamie View Post
    as a recovering 300+lb man (now 272), i'm still trying to figure out why i can't ride a horse. didn't horses pull carriages?
    Absolutley love your response!!!!!!!!! :d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkhiattky View Post
    Absolutley love your response!!!!!!!!! :d
    It's 50% joke, 50% "what the heck".

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    Because you are in Jamaica, and Jamaica uses the metric system and had since 1998, you are not 272lbs but 123kg, if the Jamaicans know the standard system like I (and most Americans) know the metric system, just talk around in circles and get on that horse and ride. It's good to be at the top of the food chain...135 Days 'til Rum Cream All I Want...

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    Default Snug fit?

    I know this thread is a little old, but here is my shot. My husband has recently put on some weight, and is about 250 lbs. and 5'9". He loves to kayak and we want to do the chukka tours kayak excursion. We have a $200 credit, so we have to do something. He is a little worried that he will be uncomfortable in the kayak. Has anyone done this tour in Ocho Rios? We are staying 5 nights in CTI and 5 in CSS so we are also not worried about taking too much time away from the resort. Any comments would help. Thanks.

    Felicia and Josh

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    CTI Nov. 2009
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec 2010

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