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    Default 8/9/10 Frank & Jannetta CSS

    We are on the less than 30 day countdown to our wedding day we just made the plans to change the venue to Jamaica a month ago. We had originaly had our wedding set in Gulf Shores before the dreaded oil spill all of our family were to be in attendance but now it will be just He and I because of the cost factor. But the sad thing is my family is not being very supportive and actualy down right in your face nonsupportive but we are trying to make the best of it and get as excited as we can because in the end this is our day and is suppose to be what we want


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    Congratulations on your choice of CSS you have to post pictures when you get back. I am getting married there next July.

    I am sorry your family are not being supportive, but this is your wedding and you have to do what makes you happy, have the wedding of your dreams because if you don't you will regret doing what everyone else wants!

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    We are getting married at CSA on Aug 9, 2010... this has always been a dream of mine. If my family didnt support it, I would have said to bad, its your marriage and your life. Enjoy it and be the happy bride you deserve to be.

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    I have no regrets our wedding was beautiful and so much better than we had imagined nuff said respect to all!


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