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    Default Off-site excursion drives

    Wondering how long a drive the ziplining excursion is from CN? I've checked out Chukka's and there is a location in Negril but wasn't sure if that was just an office or the actual excursion destination. Thanks!

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    There is a property (Discovery Falls) with zip lining just outside of Negril...a 20 minute drive or so. Only one line when I tried it back in April of last year when the officially opened. The property had not received their licensing from the tourist board though as safety features in different areas of the property were not in place. Have not checked them out lately.

    Chukka's property is on the grounds of the Lethe Estate, back up by Montego Bay. From Negril, you'll be riding either back along the coast or on the inland road and will want to allow an hour and a half to get to the property. They have five lines.

    Chukka also has ziplines at YS Falls...four in total. If at the falls and interested in ziplining, this activity could make sense...half the price of the MoBay area excursion...though for people who have ziplined before, or just are the more "high adrenalin" type, the MoBay area zipline excursion at twice the price would be my recommendation.

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    Thanks for the info. Road Gypsy! I know we have to bring tennis shoes, anything else we would need?

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