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Thread: CTI Aug 17th!

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    Default CTI Aug 17th!

    Will anyone else be going to CTI during the week of August 17th? If anyone has already been...what activities at the hotel do you recommend and what is the night life like? Also, can we swim in the ocean at night?
    Getting Excited!!
    ~ Nena

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    Last time I was there was when it was COR. I do know dun rivers falls is a must. If you look at the activities page under the hotel it lists daily and nightly activities. My husband and I will be there August 22-29th his first time ever my fifth. I always have stayed at CTI the staff is great. counting down the days.

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    Yippee! We'll be there Aug.21-28th It'll be our first time in Jamaica and we are so excited. We were planning on going horseback riding, but not anymore I hope the weather will be warm enough so we can go swimming at night.

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    Hi Freckles,
    We will be there until the 22nd Also, apparently CTI has resumed horseback riding!! So Yay!! See you there!

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    Hey Freckles! We will be there 8/21-28 as well! Hope to see you there. Make sure to visit the meet up at CTI list and add yourself!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    We will be there Aug 21-28 also. I can hardly wait. See you all there!!

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    Will be there 8/18-8/24 can't wait!! haven't been since 2007.

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    Hey we have been here since the 14th everything is looking great. . maybe we will see you in passing we will be here til the 21st

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    Our flight leaves in 12 hours!!!! Sooooooo excited

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    You should be on your way. Have a great time!!!

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