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Thread: CSS or CN?

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    Default CSS or CN?

    I really cannot make my mind up about which one of these resorts to visit!!! My fiance and I are planning on going to one of these Dec. 5-12, 2010 for our honeymoon. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hear they say that the beach is much prettier at CN, but I was really looking forward to visiting Dunn's River falls when we go.......

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    The question would be what is more important to you. We have never been to CN, but we love CSS. However, the long beach is not that important to us. To us the beach was fine. (But when you live in Wisconsin, and tropical beach is fine) However, we based our choice on the AN beach. But that was important to us the first time. Now, we love the resort. It is gorgeous. The vegetation is beautiful and lush. There are many little areas to be alone. The walks through out the resort can be just as romantic and beautiful as a long walk on the beach.

    We took the Dunns River Falls trip the first year we were there. We had a good time, but would we call it a deal breaker, no. I guess I can only say, make list of what is drawing you to each resort, and go from there. In my opinion if the only thing drawing you to CSS is the Dunns trip, I think I would go to CN. I honestly believe you will come back, and you can always try the one you didn't go to the next time.

    Whatever your choice, congrats on the marriage, and welcome to the Couples family.

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    My Hubby 2 be and I are going to CSS in August for our wedding-moon we weighed out the options of CN to CSS and hubby to be really wanted to see Dunns River falls as well so in the end we chose CSS maybe if we make a return trip we can try the other side of island but this time I am excited to be going to CSS. I am sure you will have a great time which ever you choose but remember Dunns is about 2 hrs from Negril so something to consider when deciding.

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    It all depends on what you are looking for. Each of the Couples resorts have its own personality. We have been to CTI, CN and CSS and we have found that CSS is the place for us. We like the smaller more intimate resort feel that CSS has. CN has the nice beach but is much larger resort than CSS. CSS does not have as big of a beach area that CN has but it has a much nicer au natural area and the resort itself it smaller more intimate and I feel more romantic than CN. CTI since its remodel is much more modern and I thought more impersonal.

    No matter which resort you chose you can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts. You just have to find the one that fits your personality.


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    Don't forget, if you go to CN, you can always book a day excursion and visit the Black River, YS Falls, and the Appleton Estate. Yes, it's at an additional charge, but it makes for an unforgettable day!

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    Private beaches - CSS! Enough said! It's one of a kind!

    Make sure to visit Dunn's when the cruise ships are not in dock!

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    Default You could try a split vacation and do both

    My husband and I love CSS but also want to try CN. Next year we are doing a split trip. I wold suggest extending it a few days if you do the split - maybe 10 days - 5 days at each place. They transfer you for free between resorts.

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I never heard of YS falls. I looked it up and it is beautiful!!! That might be something to look into.

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    We went to CN and enjoyed it very much. We liked it so much we are returning again and we never left the reort for anything the first time. The Ochos Rio side of the island is the more touristy area to me. That is where all the crusie ships go to. So you may have more people around when doing things off the resort. I don't think I ever heard anyone complain about this though. I don't think you'll be disappointe don wherever you choose. CSS has a private beach where CN is a public beach. But I don't think ti was a problem for us at all it was not like our beaches here on the East Coast at all.

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