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    Default CN Newbies December 2010

    Hello! My husband and I are traveling with our best friends to CN this December right after Christmas. None of us have been to Couples before, so we are all very excited. Anyone else going around the same time? And, as newbies...any suggestions/tips from any of you veterans out there???

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    Tips and suggestions... read the message board. ask specific questions if you have any. try different drinks. try all the restaurants. try the AN beach. try any activities that interest you. and prepare yourself to be "welcomed home". for many people, Couples becomes their home away from home. hopefully it will become that for you and your friends. as has been said many times, "once you go, you will know."


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    Also, check out the meet up at couples at the top of the page and look for a December Thread. As it gets closer, the thread will come down to weeks and there will be all kinds of people going at the same time, many times with pictures so you can recognize them when you get there. Prepare for the best vacation of your life

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    The only time I have been disappointed in Jamaica was when we left the resort to go to Margaritaville. We spent too much on bad food only to remember that it was all free back at the resort! If you do any excursion, Rick's Cafe should be your first choice as you can go cliff diving and see a beautiful sunset!

    As for CN specific recommendations, you must go on the Catamaran cruise! Also, if you choose to get massages in the tree hut or the beach hut, pay attention to the crowds that are around that area to find a nice quiet time. I loved the atmosphere, but it was slightly tarnished by people swimming in the pool below. (They weren't wild and crazy, but just the talking was distracting... I think it was actually a diving lesson)

    CN is the perfect spot to go with friends! Plenty of room in the pool and the entertainment staff is wonderful! Our favorite bartender was Carrie at the swim up bar -- he will hook you up!

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    I think it all depends on the people you are with and the people you will be with with ROCK Can't wait to go with you guys!

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