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    Default penthouse suites Sans Souci

    We just booked a penthouse suite for 12 nights at the end of September.
    When revisiting the Sans Souci site we realized some of those suites are 2 bedroom---- we were wondering if that means you get 2 bathrooms as well??
    We booked directly online at the Couples site and there seems to be no way to find the relevant info and how to get one of the 2 beds if we'd like one.
    Any info greatly appreciated.
    WE have been to S.S. 2 or 3 times before but never a penthouse and we can't remember anything about where they are etc

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    There are 10 penthouse suites, 5 in Block D, 4 on the top floor, 1 half a floor below, 4 on the top floor of Block E and 2 in Block C. I know none of the rooms in Block D or E have two bedrooms, not sure about C. Three of the rooms in Block D have two bathrooms.

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    When we were at CSS in late April the 1st Penthouse suite we had was C-8 (the Pavarotti). It has 2 bedrooms & 2 full bathrooms. But, the 2 bathrooms are teeny tiny, w/ pretty much no counter space. And, the one bathroom (away from the beach side) had only a shower stall.

    We totally didn't like the setup or the views from C-8 (& it REEKED of smoke), so we were given D-14 & that was MUCH better for us. We still prefer D-21, but D-14 was a close 2nd. We were actually lucky that they had another Penthouse to give us, since there are so few of them !!

    You can't really request one of the 2-bedroom Penthouse suites; it's just luck of the draw if you end up in one.

    The Penthouse suites we've stayed in: D-21, D-14 & C-8 (for 1 night) (also stayed in non-PH: G-10, B-25 & F-7).

    Here's what I've found as far as Penthouse Suites go:

    C-08: Pavarotti (2 bedroom, 2 full bath)

    D-20: Roger Moore (front left)
    D-21: Angela Bassette (front right)
    D-14: Steve McQueen (back left) (extra 1/2 bath)
    D-27: Harry Belafonte (back right) (extra 1/2 bath ?????)
    D-13: Prime Minister (far back left) (extra 1/2 bath)

    E-11: Poinciana
    E-12: Frangipani

    In April, I looked quickly for the other Penthouse in bldg C, but couldn't find it (but, I didn't look too hard !!).


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    E-10 has one bath.

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    Bart & Bug,
    What was the "name" of the E-10 Suite ??

    Thanks !!

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    Thanks for the info--If you ask for a named suite are you likely to get it

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    Thanks for all the great info. We are planning on booking one of these in 2012. You mentioned that some of these are in the front and some are in the back. Do the ones in the back have an ocean view?

    The description in the booking engine states: "Laid before the sparkling blue ocean, these one bedroom and two bedroom suites live up to their reputations posh living rooms, elegant bedrooms, king size beds, digital cable lcd tv, ipod-mp3 docking station, and large balconies with majestic views. Each of these suites is uniquely decorated in couples sans soucis refined mediterranean style."

    This implies that they all have ocean views but if they are in the back of the building, how could they?

    If anyone else has any info on these rooms, please post it here.

    Thanks, Wally
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    There are 4 Penthouse Suites on the very top floor of D block. 2 are at the very top of the cliff edge & 2 are set back a little more. The cliff where D is located sort of curves out there (it's not just a straight-across cliff), so all of the D Penthouse suites have ocean views.

    The "front" D PH suites have straight-out ocean views, as well as to the side. The "back" D PH suites only have ocean views to the side. This is probably not the best explanation of this !!

    Here's a link to another thread where I posted a bunch of pics of our D-21 suite (front right):

    I'll attach a few pics here of our D-14 (back left) view:

    On D-14 Balcony, looking to the "front" towards D-20:
    Name:  CSS.Rm.D14.Balcony.1.TowardFront_04.10.jpg
Views: 5412
Size:  55.8 KB

    On D-14 Balcony, looking down the the main beach:
    Name:  CSS.Rm.D14.View.Beach.1_04.10.jpg
Views: 4560
Size:  54.2 KB

    In D-14 bed, looking out towards ocean:
    Name:  CSS.Rm.D14.BedroomView.1_04.10.jpg
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Size:  39.2 KB

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    The Angela Bassette suite has one bathroom. It has a wonderful unencumbered view of the ocean on a huge patio.

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    We just stayed in D27 - the Harry Belafonte suite. Didn't like the view at first, but then after the 1st night - absolutely loved it. It has the ocean view with lots of garden to look over. The trees actually shaded our room which the other PHs didn't have as much of. Plus it gave us some privacy on our balcony for playtime (if you know what I mean) while we still had the ocean view.

    We could've had the Steve McQueen (D14) after the 1st night, or move to the E bldg, but we looked at both and decided to stay with D27. We decided staring at the beach just didn't appeal as much - no privacy. It's a pretty view also, but we loved D27!

    And yes, it had 1-1/2 baths which was great because my hubby stays in there reading!

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    The Harry Belafonte sounds interesting,
    Would you be able to leave balcony doors open at night?

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    Can't wait! Thanks for such great info/insight, Jackie!

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