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    Default CSA room categories and features

    Sorry to ask, Iam sure its been repeated many times, but does anyone have a link to a resort map. Also a recommendation of what type of room is best at CSA. We are beach people and like to be close to the beach, but also like to use the main pool. , as well like the mini fridge to keep my Ting's cold...
    Also need to be on side of resort closer to the gym, we will use it at least 5 out of 7 days.

    Ive read a lot of the reviews but Iam still confused about the rooms at CSA and what they offer.., probably why I like CN its so much smaller and easier for someone with absolutely no attention span just ask my DW... She really wants to try a new resort each vacation so I get to choose the brand (Couples) she picked CSA.

    Please someone simplify it for me...

    thanks and happy travels...


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    Right here on their web site. Click on the CSA tab at the top. Scroll down and you will see specs, resort map, etc. We always stay in the BFVS, best views ever!

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    It sounds like you would need a Beachfront Suite. There is a pool very close to those (but not the main pool), they are closest to the beach, close to the end of the resort with the gym (which is the best on the island), and it has a mini-bar with ting. The main pool is at the opposite end of the resort, but there is a pretty big pool on the Beachfront suite end too. Good luck deciding.

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    hope this helps

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