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    We are leaving in THREE DAYS for our first ever vacation to CSS in Jamaica! We haven't had a vacation since our honeymoon three years ago and are so excited to celebrate our anniversary there!
    My question was for anyone at CSS already or anyone visiting in the next week : ) How is the weather, or are you worried about the weather? THe forecast keeps getting more and more rainy : ( I know this is the "off" season for this area, but how bad is it when it rains? Are we looking at room confinement for our whole trip!
    Thanks for any feedback! Let me know if you'll be there the 15th-22nd : )

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    As others I'm sure will say before me (or have said, not sure of the proper tense in this scenario), the weather forecast always says rain, and that is not necessarily any indication of what the weather is/has been/will be. There is precipitation around Ocho Rios almost every day of the year, which is what makes everything so lush and green, but that can vary from a few minutes to many hours.

    Even in the worst-case scenario that you hit a storm or rough patch of weather, you won't face room confinement. There is plenty to do/see/eat/drink.

    We of course always hope for sunshine and clear skies, but Mother Nature is a "bickle fitch," so there's no sense stressing about it. Some of my most memorable trip moments (in Jamaica and elsewhere) have come from inclement weather situations, so I'd say just relax and enjoy and roll with the punches.

    Have a great time, and please report back!

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    WE'll be at CSS the 17th - 23rd. Hoping for a little sun. We're from ORegon and have had PLENTY of rain this year!!!!!

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