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    Default Massachusetts/Jamaica PAR TAA anyone?

    OK all you Massachusetts Coupleholics do we plan another Massachusetts/Jamaica PAR TAA?

    The first annual PAR TAA went off with success is there interest in the 2nd????

    Where will it be held?
    The Radisson Inn in Plymouth Bay

    When will it be held?
    Probably March 2010 around the 1st day of spring.

    Will it be 1 day or 2 days?
    The group discount applies to 10 booked rooms so if there is enough interest to book the weekend it could be a weekend PAR TAA.

    We have been told ....
    from: randymon


    If you plan it we will come. AND we will add it to the new event calendar. I'm just sayin'

    Now the Randymon knows when Coupleholics come together it's COUPLES TIME and he is always willing to PAR TAA with family.

    So if you are interested drop me an email expressing interest. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

    Provide me with your names and email address and I will place you on the info list.

    I know there are LOTS od Massachusetts Coupleholics so let's UNITE!

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    From NY, but just curious what you mean by PAR TAA. Does that stand for something or is just a way of saying that you will organize a meetup? Thanks

    We will probably be in Couples in July 2010

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    These types of events have been known to bring out some hard line Coupleholics. A get together on a local basis to share the Couples Family experience.

    These type of local events can range from a backyard cookout to a weekend getaway. They are designed to bring Coupleholics together in friendship.

    It is amazing how many people you can find around you who have gone to a Couples Resort and want to share with fellow family members. How many live in the same town or area. It is a way to bring together and share that wonderful experience you had while at a Couples Resort.

    Whether you live in 10 O C or Michigan there can be a PAR TAA near you for fellow Coupleholics. If there isn't START ONE!

    Don't forget to invite the Randymon. You never know where he may show up.

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