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    has anyone had trouble with tripmate we been trying to collect since 4/2010 and have not heard anything does it take this long? 3 weeks ago we was told all they was waiting on was a email from couples

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    We too are playing the waiting game with Tripmate insurance. The company received our claims in the mail on June 1,2010. we got a call from Tripmate a couple of weeks ago; they told me that they are waiting to get some information from Couples Negril. I'm not sure how long this process normally takes. Hopefully, your claim and ours will be processed soon.

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    duckman, I unfortunately had my camera stolen last March and had Tripmate insurance. I filed my claim back in April and just received my insurance settlement check a day ago. At one point I called Tripmate to find out what they were waiting for, and it had to do with getting a disposition letter from Couples' insurance company. Luckily, I had had previous communications with Couples' insurance company so I was able to email them and they sent me a return email with the required information needed, which I forwarded to Tripmate. I think it sped up the process somewhat.

    Just beware that the Couples' insurance company is on Jamaican time. Be patient and good luck.

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    I filed a claim in March and just received my checks last week. You can also check the status on the TripMate website.

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    thanks i called couples and the lady was very nice she said she would find out the problem and call me back( she did) told me that i should hear somthing in a few days my hats off for just calling me back that is why well be coming back to csa for the third time

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    Trip Mate should not be taking this long as long as you supplied all of the requested information. You've got a right to a speedy resolution, but that's considered "speedy" can vary from state to state.

    Trip Mate is the claims administrator for the company that actually underwrites the plan -- in this case the United States Fire Insurance Company. Here's from the Texas state department of insurance how they should handle claims:

    "The Company shall notify a claimant in writing of the acceptance or rejection of the claim not later than the 15th business day after the date the Company receives all items, statements, and forms required by the Company, in order to secure final proof of loss. If the company rejects the claim, the Company will inform the Claimant of the reasons for the
    rejection. If the Company is unable to accept or reject the claim within 15 business days after the date the Company receives all items, statements, and forms required by the Company, the Company shall notify the claimant within such 15 business day period. The notice provided must give the reasons that the Company needs additional time. Not later than the 45th day after the date the Company notifies a Claimant of the need for additional time to investigate a claim, the Company shall accept or reject the claim."

    As I said, every state is different but the clock is definitely running out.

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