My wife and I have never been to Jamaica (been to Mexico and Domincan Republic), we were wanting to know which one might more fit our style. We are in our early 30s (with a two year-old) and are still in our mid-20s (at heart) when not being parents. We were leaning towards CTI because we like the "Old School South Beach" style hotel. However, CSA looks great with the athletic complex. I've heard folks talk about how great the food is at CTI. Here's the kicker, we might or might not go AN at one of the private beaches. With that being said, it will not bother us if anyone is AN.

Do the pools allow "AN"? or just topless? Basically, would we be "out of place" at one more than the other if we didn't go "AN" or my wife topless??

We live near the beach at home so the beach, itself, is not that big a deal. . .we are pool people!! Assuming all the food at both places are great, where should we steer ourselves? Thanks!!