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    Default CTI Superior Ocean View Room

    I was wondering what your opinions are of the Superior Ocean View rooms at CTI. Will we be happy with this room or should we consider an upgrade....?

    68 days until we are relaxing on the beach and island!

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    That is what we hae booked as well.....we go July 13th-20th. Anyone?? Feedback on those rooms.....

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    the only real difference is location between the superior deluxe and premier. The superiors are over in building 5 I think they call it now, the view is different, you get the coastline west of the resort instead of a view of the goings on of the resort. The building is large but secluded in its location. the rooms and decor are the same.

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    You will love the superior Ocean view room. Our personal preferencce is to be in the old building, close to the lobby on the 3rd or 4th floor. The views are magnificent!!!

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