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    Default Helicopter/Air Transfers

    Hello everybody

    My husband and I are travelling to CTI on the 05th October and are soooooooo excited. The only thing that's causing us some concern is the 1.5h airport transfer after an 11 hour flight! I have been looking into helicopter/air plane transfer but they seem ridiculosly expensive. We did one in St Lucia not so long ago and it was about $300 - the couple of websites we have looked at are nearly $1000 one way.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or is this just the going rate. It seems crazy to pay that much for a 15 minute ride!


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    Default transfer

    I too would be interested in a helicopter transfer to negril. If anyone know of any companies please reply.


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    The only thing with the air transfer is that you fly into Boschobel Bay which is about 20 minutes from the resort. Also, they don't fly at night as there are no lights at the landing strip.

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    "Island Hoppers" is the only firm I know of that operates that route with helicopters. I'd recommend using Timair for a short (and less expensive than the helicopter) flight instead.

    Depending where in St Lucia you stayed, you likely avoided several winding mountain roads over and through tall mountains in the helicopter. Though Jamaica certainly has mountains, both the Montego Bay to Ochi and MB to Negril routes are just straight, flat flights at relatively low altitude.

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    Catherine, as you are arriving from the UK I am assuming the flight may arrive later in the day (not sure). It gets dark by 6 PM and I believe the small hopper planes do not fly in the dark due to the airstrips not being lit (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong). The bus ride is not too bad at all and if need be you can take a nap and be fresh and ready for your first evening at CTI.

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    Where the heck are you coming from that has an 11 hr flight? The north pole? Even that would not take 11 hrs.

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    We just got back from CSA. We took TimAir from Negril to MBJ. I don't know the specifics of CTI but I know the pilot mentioned that they fly to that part of Jamaica as well. They were great, $214 US for two of us to fly from Negril to MBJ, 17 minutes in the air instead of 1-1.5 hrs on the shuttle. We arrived started 14 hours of journey home that way and it made it much more manageable.

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    We just returned yesterday. The ride since they have done road work isn't that bad. We went to Negril. We flew back to M-Bay last time but not this time. We were told it was $266/couple to fly back.

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    We use TimAir everytime we go to Jamaica. We took it in June this year to CN - cost was $109 one way for each person and it was approximately 12 minutes. Last year when we went to COR the ride was approximately 25 minutes and costs $435 round trip. The prices go up every year but it is well worth the trip - scenary is amazing! Below is the link.
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    We've been quoted US$466 for the two of us from MBJ to Ocho Rios (One way) with Tim Air, which I think is rather excessive.


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    Default Timair following flight from UK

    Hi, Has anyone got the Timair flight after arriving on Virgin Atlantic flight from UK. We are due to arrive at 16:35 and I know that Timair only fly in daylight, is it worth booking for this reason.

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    How many people remember when a 1 way flight was a repeaters perk at CTI/COR?

    Actually I kind of enjoy the trip to the resort, it gets you in the mood for your vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamrock View Post
    Hi, Has anyone got the Timair flight after arriving on Virgin Atlantic flight from UK. We are due to arrive at 16:35 and I know that Timair only fly in daylight, is it worth booking for this reason.
    TIMAIR is essentially a taxi service. If you go to their website and pre-book your flight, they will have a plane waiting for you when you arrive. You will go through customs and walk to the TIMAIR booth (their website describes where the booth is in the terminal, it's about 25 steps from the Couples lounge), and be on your way.

    You may want to check in at the Couples lounge to tell them you've arrived and that you're flying with Timair. You can use the washrooms in the lounge and chug back a red stripe if you like then be on your way before the sun sets.


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    I know I have checked with the helicopter service from Sangster and it was very expensive... also if your luggage is over a certain weight it has to take a taxi.... I was hoping it was reasonable because I was a Marine and there is nothing better that flying in a helicopter... and it would be much faster than the prop airplanes.... bummer Couples killed that perk from repeaters to get an air transfer one way....

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