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    Default Room Floor Request if Needed??

    I know that couples doesn't allow room requests but can you request a ground floor room? We have booked a beachfront suite and I recently saw a picture of the stairs (spiral stairs), and I am partially blind and this will be a real struggle for me. Are the stairs to the beach front suites spiral or are they like the stairs to the other rooms straight? When we were there last I never paid any attention to the stairs, and never even thought about it until now. Will I be able to request a ground floor room, or will couples not allow this? If they aren't spiral then I will have no issue. Thanks!

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    Which resort are you going to? The stairs at CSA are not spiral. They go up one flight and then turn the corner and go back the opposite direction.
    You can request a specific room if you want and you can request a certain floor. The problem is that it is a request and not a reservation so you aren't guaranteed to get it. We also requested a ground floor for medical reasons and did not get it even though there was one available that sat empty for a few days.
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    "beachfront suite" and the spiral staircase description sound like Couples Negril.

    The spiral staircase at CN is an optional path from the lobby/gift shop area down to the Cassava restaurant area.
    The beachfront suites (and other rooms) have regular straight stairs.

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    You have a very good reason to request a ground floor accomodation, what I would do is call the resort with your reservation info in hand and I think they would work with you..

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    Rudi is correct for CN. I think when you arrive you could advise them of you condition and they could attempt to get you in a first floor room. they just won't let you book ahead of time.

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    I would bet that Couples will get you a ground floor if you tell them of your condition.

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    Hi sorry, this was for CSA. There was a video shot that showed someone going down spiral stairs to get to the ground floor of a beachfront suite. I know that the veramdaj suites have the better stairs, I just didn't know about these rooms. Thanks!

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    No they are not spiral at CSA. Up a flight, do a 180 on the landing and then up another one. There are railings and everything. It's a lot easier to manage than a spiral staircase. Do not count on getting the lower level though, even with a medical condition they will not be able to put you on the lower level if they are all full. I don't know why we weren't able to get one. We asked and explained the situation but they said all the rooms were full. They were not. There was a room on the bottom floor that we could see from out balcony and it was empty for days after we arrived. They weren't working on it or anything. We also met a couple who arrived later than we did on the same day we did and they requested the top floor but did not get it. It makes no sense to me because we got there within hours of each other. Our top floor room was not ready so we waited over 5 hours. The couple who arrived a few hours after us could have had that room since they wanted the top floor and we could have had their first floor room that they did not want. They arrived after us and got into their room right away, hours before we got into ours. I just don't understand sometimes.

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