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    Default Help my co-worker decide on CTI for his marriage location

    One of my best friends, and a co-worker for the past 7 years, is trying to decide between Couples Negril, CTI, CSS, and Beaches for their marriage/honeymoon location.

    I've been to Couples Negril and CTI a combined 9 times, and am trying to convince him that CTI is the best bet. No kids, private beach, family style staff relationships are my most prevalent selling points, and I think I have them nearly sold on the idea.

    I would appreciate any other input from people they would consider 'strangers', who have no reason to push them toward one resort or another. Please share your stories, whether good or bad, to aid them with a decision.

    Thanks much,

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    We'v'e been to CTI, CSS and CN. CTI wins hands down in our opinion. The others are nice but they just aren't our home from home.

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    It all depends on what's important to them. If they're looking for a high-rise resort facility with everything close by, a small private beach with an au natural beach also then CTI would be the way to go. If they want a larger resort with a little more room to roam and stairs to climb that also has a private beach and an au natural one also then CSS would be our choice. If they want things a little closer together, don't mind a beach with public access and still want the au natural experience then CN would be the way to go.

    We've been to CSS, CTI, CSA (with a Trading places to CN)and will be going to CN next year. We'll have to say we're a little partial to CSS since that's where we were married and spent our honeymoon.

    The big thing would be to show them what each resort has to offer and see what's important to them. No matter which property they choose we're sure they'll be happy with what Couples has to offer.

    Bart & Bug

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    Your buddy needs to take Beaches off the list. Check out the August edition of Travel & Leisure magazine (ours came in the mail today). This had the "World's Best Awards" and in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas section, three of the four Couples resorts are in the top 6:

    4. CTI
    5. CSA
    6. CSS
    (19. CN)

    We have been to CN twice and going to CTI for second visit in September. We love them both and have visited CSA and CSS on the trading spaces program. We will probably go to CSS next. We have lost interest in other destinations now that we have found Couples; we are Coupleholics.

    Be sure to check out the excursions that are included with each resort, each have their own offerings.

    They will not be disappointed as long as they select a Couples resort.

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    LaToya, the wedding coordinator at CTI doesn't get Employee of the Month for nothing. I didn't even get married there and I still know who special she is. Last year, she was having dinner with us at the Repeaters' Dinner. I was talking about our friend surprising my hubby that day for his birthday. Well next thing I know, she has coordinated a special dessert for him with singing and everything. This year we return, she remembers us and while having dinner at Bayside, again he has a special dessert for his birthday. But she is just one of the many staff that make CTI special.

    Why would you want to have a weddingmoon at Beaches?? Hello, there are kids there!

    And I really wish people would quit referring to CTI as a high rise. The most floors it has are in building 4 & 5 and there are 5 floors. Now the hotels in Ocho Rios that you can see from Sunset Beach at CSS, those are high rise.

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    Sorry if we're one of those couples that calls CTI a "high rise", but compared to the buildings on other Couples is. It should not be taken as a negative description but just one that denotes that it is a tall structure. Many people find this type of resort to their liking, with the comfortable closeness and elevator that CTI has to offer. Hopefully there's no problem with identifying CSS or CSA as "larger resorts" to indicate their being more spread out, which others find pleasing. Each of us has our own way of describing the resorts we've visited, with none of them being negative. Each property is different from the others so each has it's positive and negative qualities based on our individual tastes. I believe the key thing to focus on is that while each property is physically different the service and courtesy shown at each is absolutely, wonderfully the same!! That's something you'll find no matter which Couples resort you visit.

    We will agree that a wedding at a Beaches Resort, with the kiddos around, would not be our idea of a weddingmoon.

    Bart & Bug

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    Helldog --- Did your buddy decide where he's getting married yet?? Let us know if he made a good decision or not...


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