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    We have already been here a week and this is the first time I could drag myself away from the beach to get on here. The ocean feels like silk. Bloody Bay water has been very very calm this week.We have spent our days floating on rafts sipping wonderful cold drinks. My favorite has been Miami Vice. The catamaran cruise was awesome. Don't miss it. We have been to CN many times and the food continues to get better and better. Yesterday for lunch, I had fish tacos and a made to order greek salad. We had steak and lobster another night and seafood pasta dishes that were fabulous!I am not a dessert person but these are too beautiful to pass up. I took a tour of the kitchen and it was very interesting. They have their own pastry room. The chef is a great person to talk to. Last night we had the perfect sunset. A Couples photographer came down and took breathtaking pictures. Must get those. We met some fun people this week. Thanks CN for yet another incredible vacation. For all of you coming down here, you are in for a treat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    The ocean feels like silk.....My favorite has been Miami Vice.
    I can't remember anymore, being it's been more than two months since my review on our stay at CN, but I think I stated that the water felt like silk. LOL - how cool that someone else feels that same liquid texture. Can't explain it, but I know exactly what you mean!

    As for the Miami Vice, it also became our go-to drink, so to speak. What was strange tho was that unlike their Ocho Rios counterparts, virtually none of the bartenders at CN (or CSA for that matter) knew how the drink was made. More often than not I had to 'splain it to them. Sounds like they've since got the hang of it.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    On our way tomorrow morning, thanks for the update

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    Just met jimnmariann for the first time at breakfast.... Great couple and we live in the same town... Huntsville Alabama.... They are on their way home, we just got here yesterday.....

    I will have to feel that silky water for myself, we dive at 9:00.

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    Thanks for the post. See ya in 2 days.


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    Enjoyed meeting you and your husband-Cindy. I could tell right off the bat that we all would get along greatly. Hope you have wonderful dives and great times.

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    PLEASE tell the dive guys Kait and Glenn say HI! They are the very best part of the trip. We just love them. I read CSA has Nitrox and am hoping it is a CN when we return in December. happy diving! Kait Meeker

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    Kait and Glenn, I will be very happy to tell them hi for you. We will be diving again in an hour.....

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