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    Default Couples veterans - need advice on CTI/CSS

    Have been trolling the Couples message board for several weeks now. Thanks to all who give such thoughtful advice! Now it's my turn to ask questions. . .

    My husband and I are planning our trip to Jamaica over Labor Day weekend in 2010. We arrive Thursday and depart on Tuesday. Our travel style is more active, but we do like to mix it up and have relaxation time. We will be staying in Ocho Rios. Here are my questions for you Couples veterans:

    1. Is Labor Day weekend a busy time at the resorts?

    2. Does it make sense to do a few days at CTI and a couple at CSS? There are aspects of both we'd like to try (excursions/activities/pool at CTI; AN beach & spa at CSS). But when switching hotels, you lose time in transit. We've considered the Trading Places option, but the time restrictions make us hesitant.

    3. Has anyone done the Appleton Rum tour from CTI/CSS? How long does it take to get there? Would it be an all-day kind of thing including travel time?

    4. Any thoughts on Mystic Mountain? That looks like fun.

    5. How long are the shopping trips offered by the resort?

    Sorry for so many questions (I'll probably have more.) Thanks for any help!

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    I can answer #4 and #5! We stayed at CSS last October and did the Mystic Mountain excursion and LOVED it! Though it is not for the faint of heart, nor those scared of heights! The zip lining is intense, but so fun, and to get to the top of the mountain you take something like a ski life through the jungle. My husband was terrified on the ski lift, but loved the zip lining. I had no problem with the life, but was scared zip lining! But all in all a great experience!

    The shopping tours take about an hour and a half to two hours. They take you to deifferent areas depending on the day, and be prepared to deal with some pushy vendors, but it was definately interesting to see a different side of ocho Rios, and we got some great souveniers.

    Enjoy your trip! We are going back in October! Can't wait!

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    can only comment on question # 2. last may we split a week between cti and css. i was nervous about the transfer from one hotel to another but both resorts were very accomidating and made the switch very painless. It could not have been easier, we were allowed to chose what time we wanted to go and when we were in the lobby, the staff saw we were ready and our luggage was there so they arranged for our trip approx. 45 min ahead of schedualed time. both resorts are wonderful but css has our hearts. we are returning in sept....2 months...can't wait. our 4th trip to san souci.
    have fun

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    i can answer #1 as best as i can. This will be our 3rd trip in 4 years over labor day wknd. we usually leave around the 28th of Aug and come back the day before labor day. i have never noticed it being busy, i think that is becuase of what season it is and will not dare jinx myself by mentioning that particular season. We have never had any troubles doing any excursions or getting any reservations. I know we meet a ton of new people every year but like i said, it never seems super busy to me. hope i gave you least a little bit of answer for ya! have fun, enjoy paradise and hopefully we can meet you guys!

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