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    Default Tommywommy and Crabracers

    i miss your posts. really wish you both were still around.


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    It is true that I have not been posting as often as I usually do. I do know that Tom, and I, are on FB, along with some other "Couples friends". I see his smiling face on lots of posts. Thanks for even noticing.

    While I'm here, and have the time, here is 'life' in a nutshell.

    The long ago of June of 2008 when I received my prostate cancer info. From that point to now--My last two, that's two PSA results taken at different times from different labs, the number is .01. That's a good thing. After that, we're just winging it. We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary.
    Never had a clue that this is how life would play out. What we wanted when were 10? Where we would be in ten years? The pretty smile that caught my eye back in November of 1958, is still by my side.
    Sue & Randy: I did just write a piece called, "One more day". I will probably post on Monday.

    We are counting down for trip 29 this November. We have two booked for 2011. I love the Love away plan.

    C U on the board


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    Where are they? Did something happen to them?
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Us too. Razzl's

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    Richie, glad to hear everything is going well. don't let the one person who replied to you in a negative way keep you from your wonderful posts.


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    Brother Randy and friends.
    This old man is still around.
    The new message is probably so much better than the old one but it's just not user friendly to me.
    I love Couples more than I ever have and we are booked for May 2011.

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    Sue & Randy...No. Absolutly not. In fact if anyone really wants to call "Pops" that's okay. It stands for Perfectly Optimistic Person, Sometimes.

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    Tommywommy, going in May? that would mean you are going with Nazie and Dropem. have a great time

    Richie, love your P.O.P. s state of mind. keep doing what you do my friend.


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