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    Default Christmas at CSA...

    We've been to CSA before and loved it. We've been to CTI and to CN (We just wish that CSA had a Tower Island! - I guess there are a lot of folk like that!)

    A few weeks ago, my lovely, lovely wife gave me an envelope... It was both an anniversary present AND my 50th birthday present (my 50th is this coming Christmas Day) 11 nights at CSA. I told you she was lovely! We fly "home" on the 15th December and return to the world on the 26th.

    What we are interested to find out is... What else happens at Christmas at Couples? I know being at Couples is special... What else makes it more special?

    Oh - and what's the weather usually like at that time of year?

    Thanks for your help guys n gals

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    Default great... warm seas...nice days and cool nights...beautifully decorated ( bring your own lights for your patio)...Santa arrives on beach on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve cocktail party and "carols" sung by staff are heart-warming! Can not think of a better place to be!! Have fun!!

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    This will be our third time but 1st Christmas at CSA so I'm not sure of specifics but I do know that they will have it all decorated. The 1st year we went was for New Year's Eve and it was fantastic so I can only imagine it will be just as good. We already have our lights and stockings to hang *wink*

    I have heard that they have quite a few more on site vendors to supply us with wonderful gifts but I don't know for sure. I plan on doing all of our Christmas shopping at CSA this year!

    Can't wait to return in exactly 5 months!

    Kevin & Angie

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