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    Default Resort credit (2011) cannot be used for tours

    I know this has been discussed on other posts (and I inquired there) but I emailed CSS directly and was advised the that $500 resort credit for our 2011 trip cannot be used for tours booked at the tour desk.

    I know that differs from Randymon's message which is why I'm posting this.

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    The $500. credit for 2010 and 2011 are different. For 2010 it is $350. in Spa credit and $150. in Gift shop credit.
    For 2011 it is $500. credit towards anything charged to your room. I believe off site excursions can be charged to your room

    I also believe that Couples employees can sometimes get it confused

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    Default Randy can you ask CSS?

    I should hope that we can get some consistent messaging. I specifically mentioned it was the $500 2011 resort credit in my question to the resort.
    The only reason it makes a difference is that I would buy the tours in advance (cheaper online) if I can't use my credit for them.

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    the credits can only be used at the resort. not for use for outside activities.


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    We were told that it is for anything that can be charged to your room, including outside excursions, phone calls, gift shop purchases, spa, photo booth, etc.
    However, the 2010 credits were strictly for the spa and gift shop. So it is an improvement on last years credit.

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    Randy announced at a Couples get together earlier this year that the 2011 credit can be used for anything you charge to your room. As far as I'm aware the Resorts are cashless which implies you can also use the credits for tours.

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    You cannot charge tours to your room. I checked that too.

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