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    We will be at CTI the Aug 21-28. Does anyone know if Mangos will be in seson at that time?

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    It's my understanding that mango season is May to July.

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    From what I've read the mangoes mature about August in Jamaica so it should be perfect for you. We also will be at CTI from 8/21-28 so we will see you there! Make sure and visit the meet up thread and add yourself to the August list. I don't know about you, but the wait is killing me!

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    Seems like when we were in Jamaica at the end of last Sept Mango season was winding down. Not sure when it starts but they are all over the grocery stores here right now.


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    Don't know about August but I am eating mangos at every meal at CN right now and they are SO good!!!! We are in building 4 there is a mango tree just off the end of the building between building 4 and 5. There are small mangos on the tree now, I would guess they will be ready in a few weeks.....

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    Thanks for the info. I just LOVE mangos and the ones in Jamaica are so much better than what we get here in Minnesota!!

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    Any mangos are better than the ones we get in Minnesota!! That's why we love Jamaica so much!

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    There are 13 different types of mangoes here on the island, with two of the larger species definitely still around in August. These are large, 'meaty' type fruit, with small flat mango can make a meal !

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