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    Any of you do a group activity with your wedding party? My wedding at CSA is on a Saturday but most guests are coming Wed. or Thurs so I was thinking Friday we could all do a group activity like go on a snorkle trip but not sure if they can do big groups like that. I want to spend time with everyone as a group as much as possible since our guests are from all over the country and we don't get to see anyone very often.

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    We had a group as well and wanted to do the catamaran cruise together, they can take as many people as they have spots for, so as soon as everyone is at the resort together, go to the sports hut (ask anyone they will show you where it is) and sign up for whatever activity you want to do, because everyone has to individually sign up themselves. Good luck and have fun!

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    I was thinking of arranging for all of us to go to Dunn's Rivers Falls, thats probably about it. I will let them know what we are doing and that anyone is welcome to join us!

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    We (or they I should say, I was ZONKED), did Dunn's River, we did the Catamaran cruise, shopping and Margaritaville together. You are able to sign up your group for tours, at least we were able to at CTI... We didn't force group activities, but at the same time people were looking to me for what to do, and my mom kinda turned into the event coordinator, lol!

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